Monday, May 10, 2010

Mosaic Monday

I received these photo's and a few more from a friend on Friday. If you visit here often you'll usually see some horse photo's. I cannot get enough of them. These were actually prettier I think before I put the mosaic together. I love the mare and foal and the top. And then look at that darling foal doing gymnastics!
I hope you enjoyed.
BTW I think I ma be back! We have moved into the new house and trying to settle in. Still have stuff to get out of the old place but we are on the last leg of that journey! Thanks to all my dear sweet friends for the prayers.
Hope your week is Blessed and may your Home be a Sanctuary to you and your family.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue Monday

Today I wanted to share a photo from last summer. I was so proud of my tomato's! Don't they look great laying amidst those cool Blue bottles? Even though it is late I hope I get at least a couple plants in the ground this week!
I have a lot to do this week like . . . resurrecting Trade Tuesdays. Or is it Tuesday Trade Days I forget. Anyway look over on my sidebar. I have that really cool Pottery Barn tray waiting to trade. Email me if you are interested. I need stuff for the new house. So if you have something you don't want but really need the cool Pottery Barn tray I'll trade you.
Oh back to those blue bottles. This is a Blue Monday post! Even though I have had them for golly gee probably 20 years maybe not. 15 for sure They just don't fit into this house. I bought them at Pier One. As soon as I find them I'll offer them for trade. See how great they look with a single flower in them. I have used them by my tub to hold baby oil and powder and bath salts. Oh the possibilities. I am sure you want them. Dig around in your house and see what you can live without and post a photo and then leave me a comment here.
BTW the Cowboy does occasionally buy flowers!

And, I found the blue bottles. I will take photo's and put them on the sidebar! Wanna trade? And don't forget to go visit Smiling Sally for more photo's of interesting blue things. Some people are so creative!

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