Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday...
Today I am sharing a little of my Holiday decorating.

Notice the pedestal the candles are sitting on? It was a garage sale find. I didn't know what to do with it. It started out in my garden but then I say over at
Faded Charm Cottage the home of White Wednesday what to do with it.
I love visiting there.
I have one more white photo to share. Here it is . . .

I thought it was appropriate because my desire is to make my Home a Sanctuary. I think there are many ways to do that one is to make it homey through decorating so I love White Wednesday. A place to share and get ideas.
If you look really close behind the wagon are 3 chairs from Good Will that will become white soon. Didn't realize when I dumped them there we were in for snow! Come back soon to see thier transformation!
I love to visit Faded Charm Cottage each week for all the White Wenesday posts. Go on over there for a visit for some really white, chippy items. And come back here next week. I have some really great to show you.
Until then I'll be doing the daily Small Thing Challenges that Rachel suggests at Home Sanctuary. So come back often and watch me log points for Rachel's next give a way.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Things Matter this weekend I started working on some ideas for my other blog. How I wanted it to look, what I wanted it to say, and how it is used. I really want it to be an encouragement to those that visit. I love having two blogs because here I can join all the fun places that suggest different things to post about like 2nd time around on Tuesday and White Wednesday and many others. I work much better when I am organized and so I am working on organizing my thoughts and posts. And structure helps me. That is why I enjoy Rachel Anne and her Simple Thing suggestions. I call them challenges because they challenge me to make my Home a Sanctuary and they remind a lot of times of things/places in my home that get neglected.
My challenge to myself this year along with Rachel Anne’s Simple Things are to post everyday. I’ll be posting here all the Simple Things but also joining some of my favorite meme’s. So come back often. And visit me over at My Journey Back for encouragement and inspiration.
Wishing a Simple and Blessed New YearLogging 40 points today

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Believe . . .

Believe in the Reason for the season.
Photo compliments of Renae at My Little Raggedy Blessings.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Once upon a time . . .

Here's Rachel Anne's Small Thing suggestion for today:
"Today's Small Thing is to tell a story. You might not think you are a good storyteller, but don't let that stop you. I'll make this easy by giving you a simple subject: a favorite Christmas memory from your past."

Hmm....Rachel Anne's suggested telling a story about a favorite Christmas memory.
As I stop and ponder the first memory that pops into my head is . . . Once upon a time my Cowboy gave me a lovely total 1 carat ring. It was actually a bunch of little diamonds but they totaled a carat. We have this photo of me opening the little box. It really isn't that particular gift that is the special part of the memory. In the photo I am wearing blue sweats. That year I purchased new sweats for all of us. Each one a different color. The kids were left on the beds with a note telling them to put them on before leaving their rooms.
That began a tradition of purchasing something to wear each Christmas day. Sometimes it was sweat shirts or sweaters all matching. Sometimes it was different colors. Sometimes it was p.j.'s.
I have some wonderful photo's of that Christmas morning but I would have to dig them out. Luckily Rachel Anne didn't require photo's. Maybe one day I will dig them out and post them with a link back here.

Holiday Stratigies for Working Mom's

Making Work At Home Work: Holiday Strategies by: Mary Byers
As you may remember, I recently partnered up with Making Work at Home Work as a blogger.
As I look ahead to the approaching holiday season, I thought I’d share a few suggestions for you to consider for your business.
Give yourself a break. Most employees get time off for Christmas. Sometimes I give myself time off, too. But I'm not always intentional about it. This year, I'm going to actually mark off a couple of days that I'm gifting to myself. I'll turn on my auto reply and get myself out of the office. I know it will feel good and will be rejuvenating for me.
Make a list of office supply and equipment needs. I know it is difficult to spend money on work when you need to spend money on holiday gifts. But there are two great reasons to make work related purchases this month and next. One, there are great sales. Two, if you've had a successful year in 2009, you can reduce your taxable income by purchasing things you need (and want) for your business.
Consider developing a one-page plan for next year. I spend one morning each December writing a one-page business plan for myself. I simply identify four or five initiatives that would help my business. I capture them on paper, jot down my action plans, and post it on my wall. This helps keep me focused throughout the year.
• Set a financial goal (unless it will make you a slave to your business). I set financial goals for myself early in my business. But I abandoned them when they became the be-all and end-all for me even though I had two preschool aged children. Instead, I focused on taking the work that came my way. No more, no less. Now, however, I've started setting goals again. And I'm pleased to report that I had my best year ever in 2009! Don't be a slave to a goal. But consider setting one if it will motivate and encourage you or if you have something special you're saving for.
• Take time to be thankful. I am grateful I get to work from home. Sometimes I forget my gratitude when I'm overwhelmed or behind in my work. But I don't want to lose sight of what a privilege it is to run my own business. I plan to keep this in the forefront of my mind as I approach this holiday season.

Mary Byers is the author of Making Work at Home Work: Successfully Growing a Business and a Family Under One Roof. Sign up for her work at home blog at

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas . . . I found a giveway

I found the neatest give a way and the rules say I have to share it. I really hate to do this 'cuz I want to win this so bad but in the spirit of the holidays and Jesus birthday I just have to share.
Over at Sarah's you can enter to win a Spode cup. If you collect Spode Christmas tree dishes you can enter. Oh heck I guess even if you don't you can enter too. Hop on over there and check it out. She has oodles of ways to enter. Like following her blog, becoming her pal on facebook leaving a comment.
If I have time later I'll try to post a photo of her cup and some of my Spode. Until then
I hate to send you over but I wrote a post on Monday about how I ended up collecting Spode.
It is a bit of a whinney post so just ignore all that part. I was Dr. Pepper deficiant yesterday!
Have a Blesssed Day and good luck in the giveway.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple Thing Challenge

I am really going to log some points today. Rachel Anne has out done herself in offering the points today.
Here's what she has to say . . .

"Girls, The Eagle has Landed.

We got our Christmas tree up this weekend!

And the house is decorated. It was a one-day wonder...whatever didn't get done on Saturday, is not going to be done this year. I'm good with that.

Time to move on to baking and shopping, both of which I have not started.

Then why has my kitchen already taken such a hit? I think Thanksgiving came before I had a chance to give it a good cleaning, and then the past couple of weeks got a little crazy."

Do you ever get the feeling someone is peeking into your life? I think our dear Rachel has been sneaking over here and checking me out! And, noticing all the chaos she has decided to take drastic measures to get me busy!

Here's the points for today . . .
So let's have some fun with multiplying some points in the kitchen today!
Sweep Floor: 30 Check cha ching
Mop Floor: 30
Wipe Down Stove Top: 40 half a check here soaking up the goop! Done! Cha ching
Wipe Down Counters: 30
Wash all dishes (so that at least ONCE today there is nothing in the sink): 40 more soaking!
Unload dishwasher: 20Wipe out microwave: 20 Check cha ching

I have a handicap today because the grandbaby is here but I am determined. I mean doesn't Santa only visit good little girls?