Friday, July 31, 2009

Show and Tell

Welcome to Friday's Show and Tell hosted by Kelli one of my favorite places to visit.

Today I am showing a little corner of my sort of dining room. My dining room is part of one long narrow room. One end is the living area and the other end is the dining area. It is a multipurpose room with t.v. seating,computer and the dining. The living area is dark. The furniture is in deep reds, and burgundys, and hunter greens. The dining area is my favorite part it is White. Take a look.

This piece is an old chifarobe. I am not sure how to spell that. It has been in my family for over 60 years. It started out with my older sister then was passed to me then passed to my daughter. It has gone from original pine, to primitive black and now to white. I love this piece.
Right now it serves as a sidebar when we have a big dinner. In side I store my rotissierie (sp) and in the drawers are napkins and candles. But on top are some special pieces.
Here is a closer look at part of them.

Not only are they just so sweet but the photography is so much better don't you agree?
I won these lovely pieces in a giveaway! I had no idea what the prize would be till I opened the package. They fit so perfectly. And they were the reason I moved the chifarobe to the dining room. As I think back they started it all. I think they look great and just make the grouping.
I have to give credit. They were made by Renee. I love her blog and you have to visit her. Here's her link. I hope you've enjoyed the little corner of my dining room.
But before you go if you drop in over at my other blog you can enter my current Gift a Way.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Giveaway and a Giftaway

I found a lovely new blog here and a giveway. I love making new friends. I am celebrating friends and Christmas in August at my other blog. Go over there and visit me and enter my drawing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2nd Time Around Tuesday

I love this new meme I found at Diane's. So today I am posting one of my treasures.

This is an old piece I got at an antique shop. It is actually two pieces that kind of looks like a hutch. I originally bought it for my sewing room but it worked in the den in the last house. I loved it. See the cute little red boots and the Texas flag? Well when we moved to our current house my husband stole them and used them in his "man room". I have moved this piece around the living room and dining area and just wasn't satisfied with it. Until it is in it's new home.

Amazingly it just fit in the spot in the bathroom. I filled with with towels and candles, powder, q tips and cotton push in glass jars.
I love it here. I did refold the towels since I did this photo and I think they look better.
So this is my 2nd Time around treasure that is actually my 3rd time around. I am sure it could many stories.

Thanks for visiting and btw if you have time I have a Gift a Way going on at my other
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Homemaker Monday


The weather in my neck of the woods: Lovely rain. We had some thunderstorms during the night but now it is just misty. The ground and tomatoe's are soaking it in!

One of my simple pleasures: Sleeping while it is raining. Which is what I did this morning. I never set the alarm. I woke at 9:00 over an hour at least late! So that is why this post is late! But I love sleeping during the rain.

On my bedside table: The same books waiting for thier new home once a get a new bookcase.

On my TV: My husband loves to watch Jepardy at lunch.

On the menu for tonight: Pork tenderloin I grilled on Saturday.

On my To Do List: This week I am trying to firm up location for fundraising dinner for our ministry. I am an impatient girl. I have to get this part done so I can start working on corporate sponsors. The Gift a Way here

New Recipe I tried last week: This isn't new but I did it in the crockpot and it turned out great.

It is called Deer Camp Beans. Basically it is whatever dry beans you want to through in your pot. About a 1/2 cup each. Add rotel tomatoe's, salk pork a small package the whole thing if you have a big crock pot.

A chopped onion and you can add browned ground beef or sausage. Here's a hint I don't care for black beans so I soak them seperately from the rest and rinse real good.

Of course I soak all my beans over night. Then leave them on all day.

In the craft basket: I am a broken record. The same thing as last week. I have got to get my sewing room back in order!

Looking forward to: Getting the sewing room useable again.

Homemaking Tip for this week: Set your alarm especially if you enjoy sleeping during the rain as much as I do. Here's a cooking tip. The pork we are having tonight I grilled on Sat. I usually grill every Friday or Saturday and I do 3-4 meals. So then I have meat already done for the week. Sort of like once a week cooking which I love to do. Really helpful for a busy family.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other): I had one saved and forget it. I'll find it and add later. On my other blog though I have a long list of my favorite places to visit. Go check them out you might find a new friend.

Favorite photo from last week:

My daughter and family. My son in love got to drag race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Lesson learned the past few days: Back to that alarm clock again. I am so behind today.

On my Prayer List: Our ministry (financially), The girls at the halfway house. I learned when I visited yesterday that they have changed the rules and now they can only take 8 girls in the van at a time. 3 girls did not get to go to church yesterday.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:The Greatness of small deeds. Seldom do we realize the importance of small deeds, or to what degree of greatness unnoticed kindness leads. - Helen Steiner. I borrowed this from Sandra but it is exactly what I realized yesterday. We have had to cut some of our programming because of lack of funds. Yesterday when we visited the house we were greeted with such warmth by the girls. Some of which we have barely gotten to know because they are new. But just the small deeds we do. The short amount of time we spend with them just makes thier day.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend Break Not

Rachel Ann at Home Sanctuary suggested taking a break this weekend. Even if you can't take a two week vacation away she suggests just relaxing this weekend and taking a break.

For me it is just taking a break from lists of things to do. Things away from the house.

I am weird but a break for me is getting to work around the house. I know you are wondering now why did I stop over here today this woman is nuts. Probably so. But I am inspired today so I am off to it.

Just to show you how crazy I am I leave you a photo that I think is just adorable. Enjoy

I have to explain. He is wearing a diaper. I had just changed him and the phone rang I was expecting an important call. He wiggled down and went to playing.
He is caring a cell phone and a eyeglass case that looks like a purse. My cowboy husband says it is a tool box not purse!

Have a great Saturday oh before you go if you stop over here I am doing a giveway the last day to enter for this drawing is today. But I will start a new one on Monday stop over there. This week is a Beth Moore study. I will post next weeks on Monday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday hosted by Kelli. Today I am sharing two of my little pigs...

I love to repurpose old things. These two sweet little pigs have been repurposed. The one with the wooden spoons is actually a pitcher. The cutie is a cookie jar. Today she just keeps her friend company on my little repurpsed table that is now and island in the kitchen. When my daughter was growing up we used it to put dried rose petals from flowers that her daddy gave us and her 'beau's' those petals have since been discarded and so little piggie waits for a new job.
My grandbaby will be big enough for cookies soon so she will be going to work.

These two little piggies came from my mothers kitchen. I remember seeing them sitting on the shelf with a few other similar pieces. My mother never used them. She was more in just having things hanging around collecting dust. And yes there was dust well no actually there wasn't because I had to dust them every Saturday. You would think I would hate the little guys. But I don't and I am happy and proud to have them and to be using them!

Thanks for coming and visiting and btw before you go too far check out my other blog. I am having a giveway and the last day is Sunday. So go over here and leave a comment and I'll enter you.

Have a wonderful Friday enjoy the Show and Tell.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

White Wednesday

I dream of white. . .

I know this one isn't exactly white but I love this look.
And another dreamy photo . . . only in my dreams.

I dream of someday having a bed like this. Maybe someday I can manage the linens because my actually bed is not white and won't every be. I love, love,love my bed we had it custom made over 18 years ago. It is a four poster bed designed shaker style with the tiny canopy rails around the top. I can't describe it I'll just have to take a photo and show it one day.

And if you dream of white you can go here before you go I left one more little photo.
This one isn't white but I thought it was cute so I wanted to share it here too. I posted it with a scripture over here
Thanks for visiting my White Wednesday post I hope your day is Simply White

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tips on Tuesday

Welcome to my blog...I was hoping you would come by today. Not much traffic on Tuesdays but I thought it would be fun to continue Sandra's tips on Tuesday and share one of my own.

One of my biggest frustrations is making the bed. I hate making a bed. In fact a long time ago when my kids were in elementary I cleaned houses to make ends meet. And as I think of it that is another tip. It is good money. You can schedule your jobs around your mom duties and bring in some extra funds. When I cleaned house there was this family that never did a thing not one thing from the time I left till the time I came back. Needless to say I raised my rate. They didn't bat an eyelash. They were my best paying job but they killed me. After awhile they asked me to change the sheets on all three beds wash and dry and put back on. I don't even remember what I quoted but in my mind at the time it was ridiculous something like an exta $100.00 a week I don't really remember but they paid it! Dawng! So if your looking for a way to bring home some extra bucks you might think about cleaning houses!

Here's the real tip I intended to share. It is about sheets. For some reason no matter how still we sleep the bottom sheet comes off the bed. Especially after they have been on for a couple of days. I have tried those thingy's that are supposed to keep them on but they don't work. What I figured out purely by accident though is that if you use two top sheets the bottom stays on!

Take the first top sheet and put it on. This is your husbands top sheet leave loose for him to get in bed but on your side tuck in all the way to your pillow. Now on your side you lay on it. He covers with it. Then you take another sheet I use a full spread across my side it with a lot hanging off the side edge. It will go just past the middle. This is my top sheet.

Now we don't fight over the sheet and the bottom one stays in place!

Isn't this crazy. Well it works for me. I know you are probably laughing and thinking why did I come over here today? Well it was because you wanted to find out about the giveway I am having over here and maybe you just needed a laugh.

Have a great day...tomorrow I'll post a White Wednesday post. See you then.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Home Maker Monday


The weather in my neck of the woods: Beautiful drizzling rain. Praise God. My tomatos are getting a good soaking!

One of my simple pleasures: Seeing a sleeping baby

On my bedside table: The same pile of books...but we got the baby's bed moved over the weekend...and he is sleeping peacefully in his new little room.

On my TV: Right now the Christian music c.d. package but tonight hopefully a good girl movie
my Cowboy husband won't be home. I'll have the remote all to myself.

On the menu for tonight: I think I will try fajita's in the crockpot I saw a recipe on Crockpot Thursday I want to try.

On my To Do List: All ministry related...planning an Oct. fundraising dinner have to firm up the location, finish two grants due on the 31st. The house the laundry will suffer but that is life.

Recipe I tried last week: Split Pea soup I found here I only cooked half the bag of peas and did it in the crockpot and it was great. We had enough for Friday night and then lunch on Sunday.

In the craft basket: Still the same quilt but as soon as I get the sewing room in order I need to make curtins for the baby's side of the room.

Looking forward to: The fundraising dinner in October. Before firming up the plans and the entertainment. I am so excited. I am really praying it all comes together.

Tip for this week: Start your post for Monday and save as a draft adding your favorite post and link and recipe and photo during the week.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other): Need to follow my own tip. I did mark my recipe but not my post. And dawng! It was a good one. Maybe I'll find it and do two next two next week.

Favorite photo from last week:

Found this while searching for butterfly photo's hope it makes you smile too.

Lesson learned the past few days: This isn't new but it has been reinforced over and over. That even though we go through struggles that Jesus is there standing in the gap for us waiting for us to reach out to him. I am a very visual person this just came really to read reality to me in a video I posted Saturday. You can go here to see it.

On my Prayer List: Two girls at our halfway house, a boy in the boy's facility and how to help him (he is 17 and doesn't know how to read or write), the fundraising dinner and the plans. Our Sunday School class we have not had a teacher since January.

Scripture Reading, Key Verses, Devotional: Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to go by Sandra's for Happy Home Makever Monday and stop over at my other blog to enter this weeks Giveaway.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday hosted by Kelli. Today I am sharing a few of my salt and pepper shakers.

The large gold colors ones you can probably tell are from the 70's oh that lovely color. One of our wedding gifts. I love them because they are so big. I use them by the stove. Of course you all recognize tupperware ones. I use them by the stove too. And Next to them is a clear acrylic grinder which I love. Some are just extra little boring glass ones from a dollar store. The little bears my son in law gave me for Christmas one year. The yellow are what is left of my meager Fiesta collection. I did n't have very many pieces so I have ended up selling them. And last is the little lonely daisy. Our wedding pottery. Our pottery were our everyday dishes and we used them hard. Lot's of chips and broken plates. I was never one to save or use broken dishes so I threw them away. Wish I hadn't now because they would look adorable edging a flower bed. Or broken up and glued onto a stepping store or maybe a picture frame. So if you have broken dishes that you love think about repurposing them.

Thanks for visiting my Show and Tell.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Wednesday...treasures in white

today I am joining a fun new meme. Well new to me. It is called White Wednesday and a fun place to share all our amazing white treasures.
Go by and visit Faded Charm for more fun white treasures.
Here's some of mine. The first is a little white table with lots of memories.

We used it in our daughter's wedding.
Below is a better shot of it in our old house.

I really don't even remember where I bought it but I just love it.
And below is a project I am working on. The silver drawer pulls are new. Need some tightening. Come back to see the finished products next week.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Time around Tuesday....

I am joining Diane for 2nd time around....I just found this cool meme and I love it. I get to share some of my favorite things!
Here's the first one....

I love this little table. I have left it unfinished for now. I intend to paint it white you can tell it needs it. I love white...I'll show you more white another day.

Here's a closer shot to see the cute little legs. There is a little shelf that I have the bowl with the candle. There is acutually a large green bowl from Crate and Barrel and on top is an old wooden bowl. I'll share more about it on another Tuesday.
Oh before you go I am having a giveway here at my other blog. It's easy just stop over and leave a comment. I'll be having a weekly giveaway through August because I am havin' a party but it is a surprise. So you'll have to follow to find out. And if you follow well you get your name in again!
Thanks for coming by and letting me share some of my treasures! Oh before you go I posted a Tacklin' Tuesday post below.

Tackle It Tuesday

I am joining Erica today for Tackle it Tuesday. I have been working on a project for weeeeeks.
And this week I am tackling it and finishing. I don't have before photo's, not even during photo's at the present. I have been so absorbed trying to get this done I haven't takin' time to capture the moments. And tell you the truth I don't want to frighten you away.

Just think an episode for one of those organizer makeover shows. You know where they go in and clean up your house and organize it and they usually give fabulous furniture and stuff. Well I am not getting the fabulous furniture and really it isn't all that bad.

I have been rearranging my sewing room. Moving books and bookshelfs to different rooms. And I have a lot of books.

This all started because of this....

I know he is precious but that isn't the point. You can't see by the photo but the babybed is in a hallway. Oh btw I am his "Gram" in case your a new visitor Thanks for coming by.. Anyway the crib at the moment is in our master suite. It is just not working there. I don't care what time that child is here whether it is during a morning nap or an afternoon nap or what day of the week it is but my husband chooses nap time to get dressed to go somewhere! Who sleep while someone is taking a shower and blow drying hair!

I know if you have already been to Erica's she is working on attitude and really I know I should be nice and so I am. I am just moving the crib and re-arranging the entire house.

That is my tackle it project and maybe a little work on the attitude too. Thanks for visiting and oh BTW if you go over to My Journey I am having a giveway. Come see me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

I am having a giveway over here

Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday hosted by Sandra

The weather in my neck of the woods:
It's a blue sky and 8:12 this morning it is comfortable but we expect 3 digits.

One of my simple pleasures:

On my bedside table:

A stack of books waiting to be put on bookshelves. (moving furniture around)

On my TV:
Nothing. Blessed Peace another simple pleasure.

On the menu for tonight:
No idea. Do I have to cook tonight. (whine) Yes I have a hankering for beef n bean burrito's so probably do that and some rice and salad.

On my To Do List:
Sweep and Mop the floors
Finish moving furniture and getting th e sewing room back in order.

New Recipe I tried last week:
White Chicken Chili found a couple on the net kind of made my own up. It was yummy.

In the craft basket:
Can't find it. Buried amongst all the fabric and supplies in the makeover room.

Looking forward to:
Redundant but can't wait to finish making over the sewing room.

Homemaking Tip for this week:
Dryer sheets. I read this somewhere awhile back on someones blog. Used dryer sheets clean your shower. No more mold n mildew. I have been trying it for a few months and my shower looks like new. So simple and so cheap.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
Dawng I always forget this one. I'll think about it and come back. There are so many great ones! But I do have a new favorite Monday meme one day I'll join

Favorite photo from last week:

Lessons learned in the past few days:

I can't do it all. That I need help. That I need to be patient when my Cowboy tries to do things too without asking for help. Patience...that is what I am learning.

On my prayer list:

My friend Lisa who lives in Alabama now. Her husband is in Irag for the next 11 months. My family. Making my Home a Sanctuary.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verse:

Learned yesterday the lesson I learned Galatians 6:2 Carry each others burdens...

Thanks for visiting me today I wanted to invite you to stop by my other blog I am having a giveway this week. Come over and leave a comment to enter.

May your Home be a Sanctuary today.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Test post

I miss being about to post as much as I like. When I am really busy I am usually always posting
here I am posting here to test something I am working on for My Journey Back.
Enjoy these lovely photo's of flowers.