Friday, January 29, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Good morning Company Girls come on in out of the rain! Yes it has been pouring all night. It began yesterday around noon and it is still coming down. Wow if it was really cats and dogs I would have a mangery! LOL.
It is warm and cozy . . .

here in my little house. This is the photo on my banner and I wanted to highlight it today as I tell you about my week.

On Tuesday our landlord called and asked Cowboy to come by. (we live right next door to his office) I always hate that I can tell when he has something bad to tell us. Andon Tuesday he did. He has been forced to sell our little house and so we have to move. He gave us 90 days but he did offer for the horse and donkeys to say here as long as we need to in case we can't find a house with acreage.

To say the least we were shell shocked. We kind of expected at least Cowboy did they talk alot so Cowboy knew it was probably going to be happening. I was just praying it would be months away.

We already had some meetings scheduled on Wednesday for ministry but Cowboy took a few minutes and started looking on the computer for houses. We drove by 4 on Wednesday afternoon. We did find 3 we have appointments to see on Sunday. Two definately have room for all the animals.

Let's what else did I do. Oh I finished and photographed my Winter table scape. Did you come by and see it. I posted it here. I spent most of Wednesday morning setting up a table scape for Table Scape Thursday to post at Between Naps On The Porch. It was a mexican theme table. I got if finished and photographed but after two afternoon meetings and then house looking I was too tired to post it. So it is in my archives (LOL that sounded fancy) and ready for posting another day. Maybe next week. I did show one of the photo's on my Thankful Thursday post over here.

I did pack the pottery that I used in the table scape since it was already so and that is a start.

And I cleaned out our home filing cabinet that was filled with mostly ministry stuff. I managed to fill two kitchen size bags. I laughed when I found a 1993 Dallas Mapsco. It had slid down under the files. I am not that bad! And I am not a hoarder. Well maybe I do hoard dishes but they are collectibles. And I do hoard fabric but it is for quilts which are important because it is so cold and so I need lots of quilts. I do have 3 boxes already packed with fabric ready to give away. But I dumped them out of the boxes and into bags to delivery because now I need the boxes.

I did one more thing this week. I did a Valentine display on my entry way table. I'll be showing it sometime next week. You'll have to come back because I am also offering some giveways and putting up more things on Trade Day Tuesday. ( BTW the antiques are gone I made a trade. )

I am off now to pack some more but I wanted to share a fun photo I found. If you want to hang around awhile I am working on the kitchen and I really do need the help before my daughter comes to help because she has already told me I need to get rid of some stuff. Would you guys please tell her about the file cabinet and donated fabric please?

Off to see Rachel Anne I'll be over to visit soon.

May you day be Blessed

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland Snowman Table Scape

Welcome to my Winter Wonderland
I have been planning this tablescape for awhile
I haven't had a chance to pull it together
yesterday I did
Snow is expected

Some things are chippy some are not. Can you see the architectural pedestal at the back. That is the one I got from a garage sale. It ended up in my garden till I was inspired by White Wednesday to bring it in.

Do you see the little snowman on the top shelf with the blue hat. He is really, really old but he was well cared for. Not one chip on him. The Santa is here because he is a snowglobe so we let him stay.

Here's a different angle. You can see some of the other pieces better. Some are candles some are just simple little snow men and ladies. I love the little stacking boxes way over the on the left.

Of course I had to add my little sign. I love him. My Cowboy always tells me to put him back in the boxes because he hates cold!

I hope you've enjoyed this little visit. I am thinking of taking some close up photo's for Mosaic Monday. Come on back and you can see some of my ornaments.

Don't forget to stop over at Faded Charm Cottage for more white posts and inspiration.

Have a wonderfully White and Blessed Day

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2nd Time Around/Tuesday Trade Days

Thanks for stopping in. Today I put the Welcome mat out because I hope I have lots and lots and lots of visitors. I am going to be doing a lot of visiting today so I hope everyone comes over here to see what I have to trade. Click on the button on my sidebar. But before you look at the trade I wanted to share my 2nd Time Around treasure . . .

Someday soon this will be a really cool candle holder. Can you guess what it was? I bet you already guessed. But just in case I'll give you a couple of hints. See the little round hole at the bottom there in the middle of that curve? Now look way up at the top there is another hole about the same size. Opp's I can see the second photo. . . I need to move that down so you can keep guessing. OK. I don't think you can see it now. Keep guessing and I'll tell you where I got it.

I actually received this from QVC we used to buy damaged, return and removed from stock items from QVC and we sold them on Ebay it was quite lucrative. Somethings were too damaged to sell but some things were new and perfect like this item. At least it was before I got my hands on it.

Did you figure it out yet. Well you can problem see the photo from here. Yes it was a lamp.

It was really funny shaped see it has two light bulbs. The shade was glass and it is or was a tiffany reproduction. It was pink and coral. I really didn't like. We never put it up for sale because of shipping costs. It is heavy! Well I tried to give it away a couple of times no one wanted it. I tried to sell it in a rummage sale for $20.00 someone offered $4.00 I said no. Now this thing is heavey and was really nice. Until . . .
The deer head that was hanging on the wall next to it fell off and broke it. Yup this dumb deer hit the lamp and knocked it to the floor. Shade broke. So now I am turning it into a candle stand. I think it will look great when I find just the right piece for the top.
I actually thought it would be easy to take apart but I had to get Cowboy to help. This thing was not cheaply made! It was in two sections and then the light kit was secureeeeeeeeeeed inside. He worked on it for thirty minutes getting it apart!
Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the visit. Come back Thursday for my tablescape. I have been working on it already. The table cloth is already on the table and I was auditioning plates Go back up to the photo and you'll see it.
We'll be having a mexican luncheon oh I guess around 11:00 or so for appetizers. See you then.
Before you go please check out my trade items. I have decided I really want some fat chunky white candles so if you like any or all of the items I will trade. If you have something you want to get rid of let me know.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What to do with this table? Skirt or no Skirt?

I need some ideas for my table. This is actually an antique library table. This photo is the shot of the legs. Underneath is the ottoman to my chair and some books of the babies.

This shot shows sort of what it looked like at Christmas. At this point I am taking everything off and putting away. The boxes are on the floor beside it. During Christmas the throw actually completely covered the ottoman underneath so you couldn't see it.

This a little better shot to show you how much space is underneath. Beside it is a lamp I'll show tomorrow. Don't look to closely at now. LOL.
O.K. here's where I need help. It now sits at the end of my dining room table and fits perfeclty there. When it isn't decorated seasonally I'll use it as a buffet or to display dishes.
Here's what I am wondering . . .
Oh wait before you start getting all excited yes I am seriously considering painting it black but that is another post. Not there yet.
What I am wondering is what it would like with a skirt velcroed to the edge to hide stuff underneath?
Any ideas anyone. You can see colors of the ottoman deep dark reds, dark greens. The walls are yellow. Anyone have an idea of what I should use? Or should I just make a big covering to cover the whole thing? What's your suggestion? And, do you think I should paint it black?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Are you guys sure it's Friday. LOL. All week I have been getting my days mixed up.

I had a busy and very productive week but still have lots on my list of things I want to accomplish.

I kept the grandbaby on Monday and then on Tuesday he started pre-school. We took lots of photo's before they left. He did great and loved playing with the other kids.

This week I haven't left the house much which is pretty helpful because I don't have to get too dressed up and I can get a lot done. I am in the process of moving some rooms around. It is confusing to explain but I'll try. My sewing room is becoming our t.v. family room. Moving the t.v. from the main living room and the love seat to the sewing room. My husband has his own room with a nice chair and ottoman and a pinball machine and game table. All that is going into what is now the sewing room. And, I am taking over his room for my sewing room. On Wednesday I moved a big antique wardrobe from the sewing room into the dining room half of our current living room. Then yesterday I moved the matching dresser. I'll have to do a virtual tour whens it's done. I am much happier with this arrangement. And I think Cowboy will be too once he gets used to it.

I am finishing up my furniture moving today then tonight I am going to participate in Friday Sew In and spend as long as I can stay awake sewing. I think I am just going to start a donation quilt with some strips already cut. It'll be quick and I can post a lot tomorrow!

Well that was my week except for all the Simple Things I did. I had to laugh a couple of days I was a day ahead of Rachel. Good thing I am not really logging points. Here's the run down

Man oh Man did I have some stragglers. I even found a couple more yesterday! I had Christmas decoration stragglers, socks (I tend to wear socks to bed then take them off in the middle of the night. I found a mound in my bed!), found toys the baby shooved under the couch, coats laying across this dumb window in our entry. Yes it is dumb. I'll share more another time.

Then I tackled crumbs. Girls I have done that toaster recently because Rachel said to but you wouldn't believe the crumbs. I shook it. I banged it. I opened the litte door and wiped it out. Got a pastry brush and wiped some more. I still couldn't get the ones inside. I was going to go get the hair dryer and tackle it again. And got distracted with something else. When I came back Cowboy had put it away. Miracles do happen girls! I left it in it's new place of honor crumbs and all!

I promise I did try to be nice to someone but there wasn't anyone around here on Wednesday. I think I did call my mother I usually call her everyday. Does that count? And I cooked Cowboys dinner.

And then yesterday I intended to attack shoes but we had a major frustration. I had just finished moving the dresser I was talking about and Cowboy called. The transmission went out in our truck. This is the vehicle we use for ministry. And I had to stop what I was doing get dressed with makeup and go pick him up at our office. Ended up staying there all afternoon working in the pantry storage and boxing up food for next week. (Please pray for us that we can raise the money we need to get it fixed. )

So that was my week. I'll be coming by today to visit you guys. Oh I am sorry I forgot I have some Coke Zero and Cowboy has some coffee brewed. Stay awhile and check out my Tuesday Trade Days. Wanna trade?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tablescape Thursday Someday

Today I am joining Tablescape Thursday for the first time. I am sharing my lovely old table in her unadorned glory.

To read more about her you can go here. I have been spending a lot of time this week and last cleaning, organizing and moving furniture and putting away Christmas and getting out snowflakes for my January decorating theme. I haven't had a change to set the table because she keeps getting cluttered with components of all the above.
So today I decided to join and share some of the components of some tablescapes that I have planned. I hope that the following wets your appetite and you come back to see my pretty girl all dressed.
All photo's below are from I have a couple of comments on some of them.

First my formal/daily flatware. Mine is 30 years old. All received as wedding gifts. I love my Michelangelo. I use it unless I am using some fun them related flatware.

This was my wedding pottery. Sculptured Daisy by Metlox. I don't have a lot of dinner plates left we used them hard just like my table. But I have the most amazing serving pieces. You'll have to come back to seem them.

This is an old stand by Corella I got at a garage sale. According to Replacements this pattern is Gold Butterfly. I didn't realize their butterflies. I have the coolest tablescape planned for these using some vintage glasses and some new Pottery Barn serving pieces that goes great with it.

This is my mothers pottery. Sculptured Grape by Metlox. She has used it hard too. And btw always puts it in the dishwasher which is very hard on dishes. After replacing my Sculptured Daisy I stopped using the dishwasher and did not allow any knives on my current pottery which is Noritake I forgot to take a photo. Some day I'll do a photo spread of how different the pieces look after dish washing etc. You'll be amazed. And, hopefully someday soon my mother will give me these dishes.

As you can see this is Spode Christmas Tree. It is my children's dishes. I found them one year at Sam's wholesale club. A service of 8 for ridiculous cheap. So I bought a set. The following year they had them again with a couple of serving pieces to boot. The first year we used them beginning in December and until Christmas. When I found the second set I decided to get it and give each child a set. It became our tradition to add serving pieces each year. The third year I found them at Sam's again and got another set giving each child a service of 12. The fourth I almost died. I started buying the serving pieces at Dillards. I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't realize how expensive they are! It is funny now thinking back at how naive I was.
I hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my china cabinet. That is an exaggeration. I don't have a china cabinet anymore. One of the down sides of downsizing.
Please come back next week I'll begin sharing the old girl all dressed. Hmm. Which set should I use. The Daisy or the Corella or something I didn't any show today. Hmm. Hmm. I guess you'll have to come back to see.
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Wednesday

No vintage, chippy things for today because I am spending my day doing this

and making my white kitchen sparly.
Come back next week for White Wednesday I have some big things planned.
Until then just go over to Faded Charm Cottage and see the other White Wednesday posts.
Or go here for Wordfilled Wednesday. Before you leave check out my Tuesday Trade Days just click on the button the sidebar. Wanna trade?

Thanks for stopping in.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2nd Time Around/Tuesday Trade Days

Welcome to 2nd Time Around hosted by Diane and Tuesday Trade Days hosted by Me!

Here are some items found at garage sales, thrift sale and auction.

And the cool thing is if you like any or all they can be yours! Read on!

Two antique spools. I have had these over 20 years. They were bought at an antique auction. They measure 5" tall. And, they really don't fit in my house anymore so I want to trade.

Here's another photo with the next item. Just wanted to show of my camera skills and my clean. Did you get that clean kitchen counter!
Below a single shot of the next item up for trade.

A picture frame in perfect condition. Brand new never used. It holds a 4x6 print and measures 9x8. The maker is Sage. (if that means anything.) I think you can tell it is goldish with some antiquing on it. But that doesn't make a difference because I know your smart and crafty and if you want it you'll either paint it white or black or who knows what color.

And next drum roll . . .

Hello people this is Pottery Barn and brand new. Trust me you can go here to see a shot of the back with the tag still in tact. He was orginally $29.00 but was apparently on sale for $19.99. It was found with the frame at a garage sale.

I don't really know how it is meant to be used. It is dishwasher safe. It measures 15x8

So here's the deal. If you like any or all and want them for your very own you have to offer to trade me something. Well gosh I never thought of it but if you want to trade cash thats fine either way make an offer.

Either email me at or post a photo of what you are willing to trade and leave a comment here.

I cannot wait to see what I get. So play along and pass along to your friends because I know someone is just dying for this stuff.

Oh and BTW yes my kitchen counter is clean all because I have been following Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary. I am a Company Girl! Check out all her Simple Thing Challenges.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Quilting Goals Met

Thanks for stopping in. Today I decided to join a group that I found yesterday. One of my goals this year is to finish some of the quilts I have started and to use up fabric. And to sew every Saturday. The group here posts thier progress every week. And so beginning next week I'll post the amount of fabric I have used up.

This week I am sharing what I have been working on.

Above is the back of a quilt that I started for my mother. I had three reasons. One to make my mother a lap quilt. Two use up some fabric and three to practise machine quilting. The front of the quilt is lower on the page.
Here's one photo on my design wall. This quilt top is almost complete there are a couple of trees left to applique.

This is what I'll be working on when I don't feel like anything else. I received this blocks from another quilter. I couldn't through them away. They were orignally part of the quilt below.
My plan is to make primitive looking place mats.

This will be a table topper to go with the place mats.

And now the front of my mom's quilt. You can see my quilting isn't great. But mother doesn't see well and she would appreciate it just because I made it. So it is a perfect practise piece. I do my own quilt as you go method so It will be done by this weekend I hope. The big round circle will be ripped out. I was playing around with snow balls. These were too big so I decided to do smaller ones. I just left these in to use as basting.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Company Girls Coffee

Welcome to My Home Sanctuary
I am glad you cam to visit for coffee it is brewing and ready for you.
Today I am joining here . . .

sitting next to my favorite chair with a glass of Pepsi. I took this photo a few weeks ago when Rachel mentioned straightening pillows.
I took the photo before they got all tidyed. The poor blanket is just tossed on the back of the chair. Guess I need to remove that silly tag.

The pillows are two of my favorites. The larger one a silk from Pottery Barn that I inherited from my daughter. The small one is a beaded pillow that I got from Target years ago. I love it. I used to only put it out at Christmas but it looks so good on the chair with the yellow walls that I leave it out all the time now.

This week I did join Rachel and began working on my schedule but I had a difficult time with it because my some big things are changing around here.

First I will only be keeping my grand baby on Mondays. I was keeping him 2-3 days a week. Man a baby takes up a lot of time! He is 20 months now and starting pre-school next Tues.

Secondly we made a decision on Wednesday about our ministry. We have been going to the Food Bank every Wednesday to purchase the food that we pass out. Wednesday is a loooooooooooong hard day for us. Just to give you an idea our truck is usually full when we return to the warehouse. Usually there are at least a dozen 40# boxes and there are usually 20 cases of milk boxes (you know the kind with the straw) they are so heavy. Anyway we are pretty much stocked up with cans of veggies right now so we are only going to be going every other week now. I think this will help alot on gas and our energy for sure. And right now we aren't going to work on Fridays because the prison units all over the state are on lock down the girls can't leave to come do community service for awhile until they make some policy changes.

So all that said I am not sure exactly how make a schedule.

So this week I have been enjoying doing minimal maintenance. The baby was my 'helper' yesterday as Rachel suggested. I know we're not supposed to enlist children under 16 but really all he did was play quietly in his bed where he is contained and I got a couple of things done. I posted photo's yesterday. He is so cute.

Another thing I got started was getting all my snowmen and women out. I usually do this the beginning of January but well I need to get that schedule done. LOL!

In my own defense it was a long hard week because we were just getting unthawed from the how many days of frigidness was it? Too many to think about. We were actually with out water for 5 days. A couple of days we had it for a couple of hours but that was all. So this week I have been catching up on laundry and dishes. Whew I am glad it is warmer!

Well that was pretty much my week. I do hope you'll come by again and visit. As I get myself organized I'll share some photo's of my home as it becomes a Sanctuary. Don't forget your invited to the other Company Girls too for coffee go by Rachel's and follow the links.
I hope your day is Blessed.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whistle While You Work

BTW theres a really cool giveway over at Once upon a Plate. I left the link at the end of my post.
Today Here's how. . .

Today Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary's challenge was to ask for help to take on a home cleaning or organizing task.
Here's my helper.

I actually groaned when I read her suggestion because my Cowboy is gone today and I am alone with the baby. But earlier after changing his diaper I put him in the crib to take care of the disposing etc. and asked him to play for a minute and he did.

So I took advantage and did minimal maintenance on the adjacent bathroom counter. Then I even did a little more Snow decorating.
Darn I have been trying to get this task done since the day after Christmas.

Even though there was no real whistling because neither one of can I was humming while I worked. Does that count?

And I am still going to get Cowboy to help by putting away his laundry after my finally catching up after the big freeze. I have just been washing and washing and washing and drying (times 3) without putting much of it away. Now I'll twist his arm to help! I'll tell him Rachel said so.

Go over here to enter for a lovely Blue Tea Set at Once Upon a Plate.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd Time Around Tuesday

Welcome to 2nd Time Around Tuesday hosted by Diane.
You'll never believe what I found at a rummage sale.

I guess the only reason it was there is because it was for charity. But hello this is Pottery Barn. The original sticker is still there. It was originally 29.00 for but had a mark down to $19.99.

I thought it was too cool to pass up. Here's the even better part. If you really like it and want it for your very own I'll trade for it.

What have you got? What I really want are 4 white or almost white or off white salad plates. Just 4 or if you have 8 and want to part with them I'll take 'em.

Here's the catch you have to go here to offer the trade. I am hosting Tuesday Trade Day at my other blog. Even if you don't have my plates but you want to trade post some photo's and go back over there and leave a comment.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Small Thing and Mosaic Monday

This week Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary is suggesting setting up a Household Organization system that works, Gloriously. Wow what a concept. I wrote a similar post here yesterday.
I was writing over at my other blog about my posting plans and well it just falls into this same category. Because if my blogging is systematic and organized then I can actually enjoy it more and get more posting down.

It is the same with my house. I need systems and organization. I think Rachel Anne has some great ideas. So I am in. Today we are to make a list of chores or tasks we do and number thier importance. Here is part of her list 1 is something you do everyday. My favorite is her #5 Ain't gonna happen. She always cracks me up.

Anyway today here's what we can log.
POINTS: 50 for making a general task list and assigning a number to each item.
BONUS POINTS: 30 for doing Minimum Maintenance...we're embracing new habits, right? And this minimum maintenance post from last week was my favorite.

Here's my Monday Mosaic. I meant to combine both these posts but ended starting a new one.
So below is my real MM post in case you have time to read it too.

Mosaic Monday and Simple Thing Challenge

Today outside my window I saw the donkeys and the horse laying down in the sunshine. I thought it would be fun to put together some photos. They have been moved to the house yard since the weather has been so frigid. But today it should be in the 50's yea!
Mosaic Monday is over here

Friday, January 8, 2010

Company Girl Coffee (not)

Normally it would be a Dr. Pepper but today it is hot chocolate. So come on in and have a cup with me.
This is my first time to join ya'll for coffee. Normally I am not home on friday morning. And even though I am today it is 11:30 already and I suspect most of you are done with coffee and off for a girls lunch. But if not or in case you come back I am glad to invite you in.
This week has been a struggle for me. What a great time to invite you over. Sorry.
It has been bitterly cold here. We have had little to no water. But it has been a great week.
Because the water issue has kept me behind on doing dishes. (And no laundry at all) I haven't been able to be on the computer as much. But I have done some of the Simple Thing challenges. I call them challenges because sometimes it is a challenge to fit them in. But if I do I feel so great. I love Rachel Anne's suggestions and she cracks me up most of the time. But it is all good and helpful to me to get motivated.
So today I want to thank you all for coming by and to thank Rachel Anne for starting this party. I promise if you come by next week I'll have cookies or something. And I won't leave such a get it bitter cold...bitter post. The weather man says it will warm up in a few days.
Praying everyone has a good weekend filled with warmth.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2nd time Tues and Simple Thing

Today for 2nd Time Around Tuesday hosted by Diane I am sharing my kitchen table while it is 'undressed.' You can see around it and on the floor some of the boxes and containers that store some of the Christmas decorations.

It isn't exactly a garage sale item but I did get it years ago at an antique auction. We love it. Our daughter wants it someday when she has a house big enough.
It seats 12. Here's the first photo.

This first photo shows the legs. And my dirty carpet. LOL. Look closely you'll see the wheels.
Next if you look close at the two sides you'll see a line. That is where they fold down. The sides are hinged. In this house because it is so small the sides are usually down unless we're eating. Also you will see two of the leaves that slide into the end for storage. And sitting on top is the crank. To remove or add the leaves you put the crank in the end and turn. That is why the legs have wheels.
This last photo shows the leaves back in position when they aren't used. Our little table has seen lots of love. We have eaten on it. Done crafts. Done science projects. It has served us well. Someday maybe we will refinish the top. But call me weird I love the character in it. And there are some memories for us. When it is covered with dishes you can't see all the imperfections!

Thanks for coming and visiting I hope you enjoyed seeing our table. Come back again and you'll see it all dressed.

I logged 80 points yesterday my post is below. Today I am working on 70 more with a simple challenge. Spend 5 minutes per room tidying up. Go over here to Rachel Anne's for her complete challenge.

I am not a hoarder . . .

Yesterday Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary gave a great challenge. Here it is. . .

Today's Small Thing is to fill a kitchen trash bag with trash from around the house. You can drag the bag around from room to room, or you can stand in one spot, like I did, and start dumping. It is liberating to clear the debris and get it out of the house! Saying goodbye is easier than you think.

POINTS: 40 for filling one 13 gallon bag.

BONUS POINTS: 20 points for each additional bag, up to 3 (60 extra points!)

Well I managed to log 80 points just from the master closet and sewing room. One bag of clothing went to the local charity resale shop. And 2 bags full of fabric that I would probably never use went to a local church that makes quilts for ministry projects. This was a difficult one. I have just realized that when it comes to fabric I am a hoarder. Yes I said it. I am. Oh gosh I am. But it did feel good to give to someone that will use it right away. And I logged points to boot. So that's 80 points already for this month. Hmm. I wonder what Rachel Anne has in store.