Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2nd Time Around Tuesday

Welcome to 2nd Time Around Tuesday...I love this day. Visiting everyone and seeing all the things they find at garage sales, trade days,shops and the attic!

Today I am sharing a piece that my Cowboy found that has spent many years in an attic. He found it the other day in our hall bathroom. I have a shelf that I display antique toys on. He got it down and dusted it off. Yes he dusted. My only excuse is it is on a shelf that is up by the ceiling I can't reach it. Anyway he dusted it off and got it out for our grandson to play with.

I tried to get a good photo of him playing but I couldn't. He kept moving too fast for my little camera.
This is 40 something years old. It was mine when I was little. It was so fun watching the baby play with it. The first day he just put the animals in and then walked around with it following him. On the back side of the top is a photo of all the animals on the stands and it its all set up. He discovered the photo after playing with it for a couple of days. He looked at it then looked up at me and smiled so big! Dawng I never have the camera when I need it.

I decided to investigate it on Ebay and I found out it was from around 1960 at least the ones listed said that. I was born in 1957 so it would be about right. I found one on Ebay for $225.00. It was complete in the box. I don't have the box.

You ladies that get to garage sale and thrift shops if you find one grab it. Even the seperate pieces are worthy something and people are buying them.

I won't sell mine. I am glad that my Cowboy was smart enough to get it out for the baby!

Thanks for stopping in and playing with my circus train today. Isn't it so sweet how my grandbaby shares his toys?

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Inspiration in Blue/Blue Monday

Today I decided to join Sally for Blue Monday.
Here are a few favorite blue photo's

I love the blue pots! I have a couple old clay pots and I think I want to copy this at our new house.

I just thought this one was interesting. A little too light blue for me but I love all the elements pulled in together. love the almost ticking type fabric on the left.

I loved this! I love the combo of the blue and orange! So pretty and the layers of quilts. My favorite is the dark blue one with the spirals. Love this!

This one I actually saved for the yellow. It is one of the colors I have chosen for my porch rockers. But I love the blue too so thought I would share it today.
Thanks for coming by I'll try to get my mosaic to load soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Coffee with the girls

Well today is Coffee for all the Company Girls. Everyone gets together and visits each other and we all share about our week.
If your not a Company Girl you need to be. Rachel over at Home Sanctuary has brought together all us through her wonderful blog and the Simple Things she suggests everyday to help us all make our homes a Sanctuary.

My week was filled with many things. My brain was filled with information. My heart and soul was filled with anxiety and emotion and peace.

Here's a quick recap.

Oh Monday I joined Sandra for Homemaker Monday and I met some new friends. I loved this and will keep doing it. My post is over at my other blog. Oh and I have some books to give away there too. Go here to enter my drawing.

On Monday Christ's Haven a childrens home near us came and took our 22 year old Paint horse. It was bitter sweet. We have had him since he was a 3 year old. But we are please that he will make a lot of little kids happy. We went to see him on Wednesday. He was happily munching hay. We took him apples and enjoyed that. We left a big bag to share with his friends.

It was easy and difficult to let him go. I know it is for the best. But when I look outside and he isn't there it hurts. Mainly because he is our last horse. This is the end of a 20 year chapter in our life. It's hard.

On the bright side we had lots of ministry going on this week. Meetings, dinners, luncheons. The girls at the halfway house where we volunteer are all beginning to really show that they like us coming. This changes as girls come and go. Some groups take weeks to be openly accepting of us and what we are trying to share with them. Yesterday 3/4 of them approached me first and offered hugs. Praise God.

I have been worried for over a month about one of the girls that I mentor. I have known her for 3 years. She lives about 4 hours away. I haven't talked to her in over a month because I don't have a cell anymore. And all she does is text mostly. Kids! I talked to her stepmom last night and found out some things. Basically confirmed my suspicions. Not good. Can ya'll pray for a girl named McKenzie. I have spoken to a lady here that has a transitional housing program and I hope I can get her to move here.

Don't you just hate it when you run out of dish soap. That happens to me way too often! I have spent the morning washing 2 days worth of dishs. Ugh. But the kitchen is shinny and clean again so now I can go and visit and have some coffee!

Oh before I go I did begin a routine of mopping my kitchen floor everyday. My floor is so clean now.

Thanks Rachel Anne for all your inspiration.

Oh I almost forgot my favorite simple thing this week was the laundry day. Did ya'll do that. I mean cha ching cha ching. I did 2 loads one day and 3 the next I still have two loads today. But don't worry I don't turn in my points so I won't be getting that great prize.

Off to coffee.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What cha doin' today?

I was wondering what everyone is doing today?
I know it is Ruby Tuesday and some people are posting things in Red.
And it is 2nd Time Around and some people are posting garage sale finds.
Let's see isn't there a Tempt my tummy Tuesday too?

Well I am doing none of these. Maybe some day soon when I am done with this!

Here's what I checked off for today so far.

Kitchen swept and mopped (waiting for it to dry I am hungry!)
Entrance hall swept and mopped
Hall Bath swept and mopped
2 loads laundry washed dried and put away....cha ching! Rachel's Simple Thing today!

Oh and btw in case you haven't read my many, many posts about moving. That is why I used the photo. I am sweeping, mopping vacumning around boxes!

Well that reminds me of the other thing I needed to do. Pick up the grandbabies toys and vacumn.

What are doin' today?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Welcome to Mosaic Monday today I am sharing some inspiration for summer parties.
Since we will be moving into a new house soon I know I'll have plenty of chances for party's. Here's my inspiration.

I think most of these are from magazines. I have not figured out an organized way to save and give credit. So instead of sending out the blogging police tell me how you organize the photo's you find in other places.

I love this candle fire pit looks like a simple way for a an evening fire when you don't have something fancy.

I love the gauzy fabric in the next photo. Next I love the use of all the old chairs, crates and galvanized tub. I would put all this with the gauzy fabric to pretty up the vintage look.

And then aren't the drinks adorable in the wagon and wheelbarrow. I think it would be great for a 4th of July party.

What do you think?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Time Around Tuesday

Joining 2nd Time Around again today. Today I am sharing a couple of things that I love.
These are items that I have repurposed. I love taking vintage items and finding a new job for the them.

Here they are . . .

Two very old metal coolers
The red one I have had for a long time it was my Cowboys grandmothers
Cowboy repainted it recently because it was looking rather sad
The one on the right is a 7up cooler
I just got it free from a man cleaning out his garage
It was really rough so Cowboy sanded it
It's ready for new paint
I bet you wonder how I repurpose them
Well the red one holds the dog food
The 7up one holds the cat food
They make great closed containers I put a trash bag inside and pour the dog food in since I have big bags because I have a big dog.
I just put the entire bag of cat food in the other one and a few cans for treats
I hope you enjoyed visiting today. There is more 2nd time around fun over here.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mosaic Monday and Simple Thing Challenge

Today I thought I would share a few visions of spring. These are the things that make me thing spring. Flowers, bright Sunday mornings, Easter, rabbits (this is my Rhett Butler),digging in the dirt,rainbows and garage sales!
For more Mosaic's go over and visit here.
The Simple Thing that Rachel suggests today is to do minimum maintenance since it is spring break for most people. What she suggests is just 5 minutes or so in each room.
Here's a couple I am doing:
Hall bath --toilet only the rest can wait
Kitchen --clean counters and wipe down cabinet doors
Living room -- vacumn I can always dust and clean ceiling fans and windows another day when I have more time
Master bath -- just doing the toilet today
That's about all the minimum I am doing today. Along with getting all the laundry done and put away.

I hope your day is Happy remember you only have to do a little to make a difference.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Well today I am having very sweet tea. So come in and join me and sit and rest awhile because I bet your week was just as busy as mine!

And, it is warmer here so the weather is o.k. for sweet tea.

My week was crazy. We are still looking for a house. I kept the grandbay on Monday which was the highlight of the week.

I did a few small things. I swept the floor. I put clothes away. And today I cleaned a pile of stuff of the dining room table. Files,books for ebay and stuff for Etsy. The dining rooom table is currently directly behind my computer table. .

I spent the week praying and asking God for direction.
I spent the week asking God 'Why?'. I spent the week attempting to be patient.

And then yesterday I had a yucky day. I won't go into detail but the yucky day and afternoon ended with this.

God gave me a rainbow and said every so softly. "It's all taken care of stop worrying."

I claimed that rainbow as my own. But today I share it with you in case you need something to make you smile or to remember that is its all taken care of. Because God is in control and he cares.

In case you've come by and haven't been to Rachel's you need to go there. Her blog is my inspiration. She will definately make you smile. And she is the organizer of the coffee run on over there and say 'hi'.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White Wednesday

Today I am sharing a photo I borrowed from my friend Shell. I love her blog because she writes about her bunnies. I just noticed when I decided to post this photo that the pumpkin looks like it is velour or some kind of fabric with a nap. I think it is just lovely.

Shell is a wonderful designer of stitcheries. You really should go by and read her posts about her beautiful bunnies that live cage free in her white studio. Go here to visit!

I always love visiting her and reading about the bunny antics.

I know you'll love her stitcheries. And, she does give a ways too. I was a lucky winner one time too!

Thanks for coming by and seeing my borrowed White Wednesday photo! Click on the bold words to go right over there!
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Wordfilled Wednesday

Psalms 37:7
I couldn't help but use this verse with this photo. Oh it is so hard to be patient when your waiting to eat a sopapilla!
My daughter laughed as we were looking at photo's it seems I take most of my
photo's when he is eating.

A little like when we are not so patiently waiting for the Lord's direction.

If your waiting today just think about how sweet it will be when His direction is clear.
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rachel asked . . .

Today Rachel at Home Sanctuary asked 'What do you collect?' I thought this was a fun topic. Actually she was encouraging us to tidy up, dust, clean whatever you need to do to your collections.
Since most everything I own is packed or about to be packed I didn't think I could share anything.

Then I walked through the dinning room and saw this.

Posted by PicasaWhat better collection to share?
I commented over at Rachel's this morning about my other collections of . . .
Snow Babies
Department 56 Villages
I hope you enjoyed seeing my little small collection.
And since they were all bought at yard sales I am linking up with 2nd Time Around.
Can you believe what you can find at a yard sale?

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is me . . .

Tuckered out. My body and my mind are flattened out. Whipped out. Wrung out.

This has been a crazy week of house hunting. I have lost count of the houses we have driven by and man the miles we put on our car.

We have a unique situation in our house search:

  • We are in ministry. Our ministry doesn't show as a 'job' to most people. So they are concerned about our financial stability.
  • We hoped for a property that we could take our horse and 2 donkeys
  • We hoped for a property that would accomodate us and my mother if she chose to come and live with us.

We found a wonderful house yesterday afternoon that we LOVE yes I said LOVE.

Did I mention we LOVE it?

I won't go into all the reasons why this house is perfect for us. One is it is nice, really nice. The kitchen isn't updated. The bathrooms aren't updated. But that is o.k. with me. It has 2 living areas. An eating area in kitchen and a formal dining room. A pool and a hot tub.

Yes we LOVE this house!

And, it is minutes from our church so I could do ladies Bible study again. We could arrange our schedule to go on Wednesdays again and we could change our chapel service time a little and make it to at least part of Sunday School.

But with all good things sometimes there's a downside.

We cannot take our horse and the two mini donkeys. This is a huge sadness for me. And, has been a burden to me to even consider it. We have had the horse since he was 3. He is 22 now. We are looking for a Good home for him. We are willing to give him away to the right family.

Dear sweet Company Girl friends would ya'll pray for us. And please pray that God brings the right family to us for 'Pal'. We want him to be happy and to be well cared for.

I know this post didn't mention any simple things done this week. Mostly because I really didn't do any. Although I have read all of Rachel Anne's posts.

My kitchen sink was already done because I took everything out when the grandbaby started walking. So, I didn't log those points so girlfriends some of you are ahead of me.

I do plan to do something today for me. And I am considering it to be baking some bread. I have been doing some baking the last couple of weeks. I love baking bread!

I hope you all have a wonderful day treating yourselves.

Thanks for coming by and thanks for your prayers!