Friday, February 26, 2010

Doors, doors and more doors

How I spent my week. Going through door after door and door. We looked at so many houses that my head is spinning. And, we are no where close to finding anything that suits us.

We looked at a horse property that had a pool and three stalls. They wanted an additional $500.00 per horse. Yes you heard me right. $500.00 per horse! That is crazy. On top of the $2,00.00 a month rent!

We looked at a property that would have been perfect. Enough room for us and my mother who is considering moving in with us. Which I have been praying and praying about.

That one leased before we could make an offer.

We looked at lake properties.

We looked at property after property after property and still nothing that would work for us and momma and our dog which is over 25 pounds. Our dog is over 50#'s.

Listing after listing says dog o.k. under 25 pounds.

Basically that was my week. I did get some boxes packed. I did get to play with the grandbaby on Monday.

I sort of stuck to the menu I planned for the week. Got sidetracked a couple of days.

I only did a couple of Rachel Anne's Simple Things. Although I read most of her posts. I was encouraging all of you guys that were better than I was this month.

Good luck for all you girls that logged points.

I hope next month I will do better. I don't think I have turned in points more than once or twice. So girls, I encourage you on. I am no competition to you. Rock on and log those points!

If you all would be kind enough to pray for us. We need to find a house!

I am praying for all you girls. Have a Blessed Weekend we Company Girls must unit!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2nd Time Around Tuesday/Mosaic Monday Disclaimer

Welcome to 2nd Time Around Tuesday hosted by Diane. Today I am sharing one of my treasures that is truly a 2nd Time Around. In more ways than one.

  • First because I have shown this item before. But this is a fairly new blog and I have a lot of new visitors lately and I thought you would enjoy seeing it.
  • Second because it is a treasure.
  • Third because it really has been used in lots of different ways. I bet it has some good stories to tell.

So with no further ado here is my treasure.

This first photo shows it's second use after I bought it. This darling little table was used in our daughters wedding. What beautiful memories it holds from that day.

Now here it is just sitting by my reading chair in my living room (in the last house). I did nothing to this table. This is the way I found it at an antique mall. I love the chippy/shabby look.
You'll see it also in the next photo. My Mosaic Monday post.
And now I have to include a disclaimer from my Mosaic Monday post. I got a lot of wonderful comments yesterday about this.

Since we are moving soon we have been packing our stuff. And I have been seeing lots of houses. Yesterday I was doing some dreaming and so I pulled together some dream photo's I have been collecting.

I mentioned my style of decorating is kind of eclectic. Kinda Cowboy Chic I think would be the term. Someone commented 'Early Attic' I guess that kind of fits too.

My disclaimer is there is only one photo in this entire mosaic that is of my real house. Thanks for all the lovely sweet comments on "my house". But I have to admit it is only my "Dream House" so can't I really take credit. I did put all the elements together so if you really like my "Dream House" then I guess I am a decorator at least a wanna be. LOL.

OK here I am dreaming again. I can only imagine what I could come up with if I had an unlimited bank account! Wow.

Below as best I can I give credit to each. Or at least explain what I loved about the photo.

First the Salvaged Drawer cabinet. I am not sure where I found this. I do remember the blogger that posted it said it was from a shop in England. She didn't own it either it was from a magazine I think. Those are actually real drawers salvaged from other pieces. I think the cabinet itself was built around the drawers. I love the different knobs and the different colors.
I could see this in the babies room (grand baby) or possibly in the family room. Oh BTW I drool over the lamp.

I loved the simple fabric bow. Just a piece of gauzy looking fabric. Maybe muslin I am not sure. I stole this photo from another blogger. Please don't send the police. I will use this idea in the next house for Christmas next year. I love the simplicity. I remember she also did this bow on a wreath on the door. If I ever run across it again I'll be sure to add where I found it.

Now this is a magazine photo that I found on another blog. I suspect this is also a magazine shot. This one is truly a dream. I would love my oak table painted white. My Cowboy would never go with it though. He doesn't see the charm in painting good furniture white. Our chairs don't match out table so maybe at least I could paint them white.
But I also dream of painting them different colors too.... hmmm...what to do?
Oh now this one. I got tons of comments on this. No it is not my bed. I really don't even care for the head board and the lamps but I love love Love the linens. The bedspread is just dreamy and I have to copy this. Although I am wondering what it would look like layered.

The candles more wonderful comments on this one. And I have to admit again man someone is going to arrest me. I have no idea where this came from but I can say it is a copy of a Pottery Barn piece so I didn't feel too bad stealing this one. I just love it. It is a shelf extended from the ceiling this smart girl and her hubby made this. I want one!
When I look at new houses I am looking at the dining room and kitchen table areas to make sure this will fit!

This is a simple fall photo from Country Living. I just love the look.
So you see my style is oh so weird. I go from Shabby Romantic to Cowboy Chic to Rustic Cabin to Pottery Barn. There is some Traditional thrown in too.
I will tell you something you probably won't find is Contemporary. At least I don't think so.
I guess you'll find it hard to keep up with me so you'll just have to come back to keep up with my Journey to making my Home a Sanctuary.
Thanks for coming by and don't forget to visit Diane today.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Just a few photo's that inspire. My decorating I think can be described as crazy! I am a little shabby chic. A little Cowboy. A little of this and that. I love all these photo's and the pieces in each. Dreamy, dreamy items.
What are you dreaming of today? Need inspiration go to Mosaic Monday.

Friday, February 19, 2010

As Rachel Anne said this morning where did the week go?
Actually in my case the last two weeks. The last time I posted seems like along time.
To speed things to the present. The house where I found the darling firetruck didn't work out.
So we have been spending our time looking again. At anything that is remotely possible. We drove today over an hour to see a house that was o.k. but we decided this area is just too far.
I guess it is ok because we are no where near packed. I did a bunch of boxes in the kitchen this week. And actually put some stuff in a sale or giveway pile. I didn't realize how many knives, mixing/wooden spoons I own. No wonder that drawer is always a pain to shut.
I have spent some time this week visiting a lot of blogs. I haven't had much to say and even on my other blog My Journey Back I have been at a loss for words. So I have visited a lot of places and found some wonderful decorating ideas and such; that I hope to use soon.
While visiting this wonderful blog I think it was called Home Town Girl I found a neat place called It is a place where you can make photo collages and do other stuff with your photos. I liked it except that I found with the free trial you can't do much. Here's what I did.

These are photo's from my 'white' folder. I love to decorate in white. I have seen so many houses that have the perfect rooms for white. But it is really, really hard to rent a house in our area. They are few and far between and apparently a lot of people trying for them.

I was going to put this photo in the collage but it wouldn't work. I just love this. It is dreamy to me. I would love to have a little place like this. Or at least a covered patio.
Basically my week has revolved around packing and looking for a house so rather borrowing. But hopefully next week I will take a few more photo's to share with you guys.
I did do some of Rachel's suggestions this week. It is so helpful to me to stay organized this way.
I loved her idea of cleaning the tub today and then taking a long bubble bath. But yesterday I filled our tub with boxes. So the bubbles will have to wait till the new house. Oh how I wish it has a squirt tub. AKA jetted tub!
May your weekend Be Blessed enjoy your bubble bathes

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd Time Around/Tuesday Trade Days

Today I am sharing something I got at a garage sale this weekend . . .
I wasn't sure if I could crop so I didn't try but is this firetruck not absolutely adorable. We paid $50.00 for it. It was to be the grandbabies birthday but Cowboy won't wait. We'll have it for him on the deck of the new house when he comes the first time.
It is actually in the new house that is where the garage sale was.
So your seeing the beautiful old hardwood floor in my new living room. And my daughters lovely hand and foot! LOL!
Back to the firetruck. The bell works and it has 4 ladders. It has pedals. The baby will be driving it around the deck and down our driveway when he is bigger. He'll probably want to pedal it next door. Soon I'll post photo's of our house and what is next door.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. I still have the photo frame and the Pottery Barn
platter to trade if anyone is interested. The spools are gone. I'll change that post soon. I'll tryi to add some stuff today.
This morning I am posting some things on Etsy and packing when I run across more trade items I'll get them up.
There is a book give a way at my other blog go there and leave a comment to enter.
There are more 2nd time around posts at Diane's

Simple Thing and Praise

I had to post this photo to go along with Rachel Anne's simple thing. Today she suggestes cutting tags of of things. Like the throw on the back of the chair. I originally took this photo the day she suggested straightening cushions and fluffing pillows.

For all you wonderfully Company Girls that prayed for me yesterday. We did find a house. Yea God! I am stressed about the finances and pulling money together for it so please continue to pray.

But the great thing is it fits us. It has almost everything I wanted. Including two covered porches and a gazebo. No squirt tub. Darn!
We aren't taking the animals. But the house is on a ranch. Hello. There will be 20 head of horses hanging around and I don't have to take care of them. Although I probably will because that is why she leased it to us because I can help out in emergencys. I am going over to show my daughter this morning so I'll take a few photo's before it gets 'lived in'.

Then when I come home I'll be clipping tags while I am packing.

I have a book giveway going on over here so go by and leave a comment to enter.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Welcome to Mosaic Monday today I am sharing some of the snowmen from my collection.
From left to right top row: Little snowman with green scarf and red backpack form Old Navy
Top row middle:little snowman with the broom hand made by my DIL next to it is a latern given to me by a friend
Top row far right: I think this is meant to be a candle holder. I just think it is cute.
Bottom right: a wire 3d ornament. I love this one. I think it came from Garden Ridge.
Bottom right middle: a hand made wooden ornament my father made. My mother wrote our names on it.
Bottom middle: This is an old one. If you open it and put a tiny candle inside the pipe actually puffs.
Bottom right: I just thought this little guy was cute. I don't even remember where I bought him.

You can go here to see my Winter Wonderland tablescape. And go here to visit Mosaic Monday.

Have a warm and cozy day.

Simple Thing Pray for each other

I love Rachel Anne's simple thing today. It is so simple and something we all need I am sure. Today I am visiting the pray requests posted on her blog and comments.
May your day be Blessed.
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