Friday, April 24, 2009

Company Girl Coffee and Shakin' It Up part 3

Thanks for coming over. I promised the other day that I would tell you today about my clean salt and pepper shakers so I am linking this post to Kellis Show and Tell go over and visit her today after you've had your coffee.

From right to left...The big set at the back was the hardest to clean the other day all those little crevices are all clean and shiny now. These are really old they were a wedding present. I have always loved them they are big and always sit by my stove or in the cabinet next to the stove. Of course there is the tupperware ones that are just so great. They were a wedding gift too. The cute little bears were a Christmas gift from my son in love the year before their wedding. The little daisy one is old too from our wedding dishes which are all broken and gone now as with the salt shaker. The yellow ones are Fiesta and one has a crack but I love it anyway. I couldn't afford one without the crack. I know they are originally because I bought them before they started making them again. So that is where a few come from.

Before I go I wanted to share with you about the piece of furniture they are sitting on. I was doing the same thing this week that Rachel Ann was. I moved some furniture out of my sewing room for a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. And that led to moving other things. This piece that you can't see is a chifarobe (sp) that was my sisters then mine when we were children. We used it for our babies and then our daughter (our youngest) always had it in her room. It is white not it was originally pine I love it. It is now in the end of my living room which is our dining room. Come back next week and I will reveal all my furniture moving.

Thanks for stopping in for coffee. I have to go to the local food bank know to volunteer so have a great day.

Todays Home Sanctuary Challenge

Today's Small Thing is to make a giant attempt at fulfilling our "required" 2-4 servings of fruit. Go over and visit Rachel Anne and join her Coffee Chat too.

Sounds easy to me just eat one of these . . .

And get some of these . ..

POINTS: 40 for eating AT LEAST two servings of fruit today.

BONUS POINTS: 20 for getting at least one family member to eat two servings also. Let's make that an additional 20 if that someone is the man in your life....if yours is like mine, you'll have to explain what fruit IS again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shakin' Things Up part 2

I promised to show my salt and pepper shakers. I took Rachel Ann's challenge the other day and got them out and cleaned them up. Man I was glad I did. I didn't think to take before and after shots. But anyway here's my lovely little clean group now.

Come back tomorrow for coffe and I'll tell about each one I'll be linking to Kelli's Show and Tell Friday too if you haven't visited it is a great place to stop by after coffe break. See you then
Have a Blessed Thursday...I am off to see what Rachel Ann is challenging us to do today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Challenge Shakin' things up

I love stopping in every morning and seeing what Rachel Ann challenges us with. And the most fun part is she has hilarious music to go with each post. Here's what she says today.

Today's Small Thing is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is work on your salt and pepper shakers! Are they empty? Fill them up! Are they gummed up from humidity? Unclog the holes so they work properly. Are they sticky and yucky looking? Give them a nice wiping or perhaps wash them out completely.

You know, it's the little niceties that make life sweet. I like reaching for a sparkling salt shaker and elegantly sprinkling my food with flavor. It makes me feel a bit like Martha Stewart for such fine attention to detail.

POINTS: 30 for one set of salt and pepper shakers. I am working on those points today. And lookey....BONUS POINTS: 10 for each additional set of shakers. I'll be posting photo's tonight. Thought you might like to see my collection!
Have a great afternoon Shakin' things up.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Challenge

Rachel had a really cool idea today. I noticed last week she gave us such easy things to do at least for me the were. So I was grateful because of my schedule it is getting more and more difficult to make my home a sanctuary so I need all the help I can get.

Here's Rachels thoughts this morning...

Now, all that frugal inspiration made me realize I could take a few more steps to save some dough for my family. One of the best things I'm considering is getting rid of my phone land line...using more grocery coupons, and making my own bread. Notice how most things in this world come back to food? Yeah, I noticed that, too.

Speaking of food, since Monday is often the day that many of us get our recipes together for the week, I thought I'd challenge all of us to try a new recipe.
She just cracks me up.

And here's what she is offering in points!

And a bonus...if we post about the new recipe sometime before next Monday we get this

So I am off to visit all my favorite blog in search of a new recipe that is fast and doesn't require a bagillion pans!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Home Sanctuary Challenge/Monthly Verse

Today's Small Thing is to print off (or download to your computer) Psalm 51:7 and put it where you can see it. Meditate on what it means to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus and washed by His Word.
Rachel gives some wonderful guidance today visit her at Home Sanctuary and be encouraged.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Company Girls Challenge

Rachel Anne challenged us today to make our homes a sanctuary by making a list of things to do this week. I am a person of structure and organization. Although I am not typically a list maker I see the merits.

It has already started to be a challenging week for a couple of reasons
  1. I kept the grandbaby today. Who happens in his little charming way to expect all my attention and so I feel like I am already behind.
  2. We live in the country and we are on well water. We have been having some trouble and found out today we need a new pump. We rent so thank goodness for that but we are waiting for it to be taken care of. So I can't do laundry. Another challenge which causes me to be behind.

Here's my list:

  1. Finish or get really, really close to finishing my daughters quilt.
  2. Clean our bedroom. I have fabric scattered all over. I am lacking in storage and I tend to wash fabric and not get it put away.
  3. Sweep and mom the kitchen floor. Depending on the water issue.
  4. Lastly wash dishes everyday. I tend to night was dishes at night. I know that sounds horrible. But since it is so nice outside now we stay out late and eat really, really late then I am usually to tired to deal with the kitchen.
  5. Lastly get my sewing room back in order after moving some furniture out. I know that sounds like something silly not something that would make the house a home but in my case it makes me crazy when I don't get to sew. It is in such a mess right that makes me crazy too. So I need to straghten and organzie so Mommy will be happy. Reminds me of the saying 'if mamma ain't happen no one is happy.'

So there's my list. Looks pretty easy to me. We'll see.

Back in the Saddle Again Challenge

I love what Rachel Anne at said today....if you read my other blog you already know but if not I will explain...Back in the saddle is a term I love because I am a lover of horses and almost any animal. But about the horses we have had horses for 20 years now. But this post isn't supposed to be a ride along memory lane.

Here's Rachel's challenge today:

Today's Small Thing is a perfect way to get back in the saddle again. In fact, you may have already earned your points without even realizing it, that's just how easy this is. Today's task is to simply make a list of the things you need to get done this week, and decide how (or when) you will do them.

Wow what an easy challenge to get started again and we get to log 40 ( I wanted to put Rachel's cute button down here but I couldn't move it) Thanks Rachel for the inspiration. BTW don't forget to go by Rachel's

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all. After a wonderful brunch at Sunday School I am spending a relaxing few hours visiting some friends and family in blog world. Isn't that what your supposed to do on a holiday? Let me introduce you to some new friends.

Renae is having a fun giveway. Here's what she says about it.

So if you would like to enter my give away for a surprise box with an item or two handmade by me .Then just leave me a comment below telling me a few of your favorite things either things you like to collect or things you like to do or both it can be anything . I will put your name in my drawing and the winner will be posted on April 20Th . if you would like to post about this on your blog you may use the photo above and just let me know I will add you 3 more times .
To get you all started I will tell you a few of my favorite things. I'll add my favorite things beside her and you'll see we are kindred spirits!
Pretty much anything old and rustic I love any old vintage things I love to repurpose things to use in a new and different way
Old vintage lace and buttons. Oh now I love anything from lace to fabric to buttons. I enjoy just looking at it mostly. I am not as crafty or creative as Ranae. Oh and I love crocheted doilies. I bet she could make some darling Raggedy dolls with them.
Americana decor, love dark blues and burgundy I vear off a little here. I love Americana but I love shabby chic, I love cottage, I guess I am a little eccentric.
Old vintage photo's -like you didn't know that one lol...she's so fun...I love vintage photos and I love to pretend they are long, long lost family. I especially love my photos of kids on ponies. The kind where the man came around with his pony and to your photo at your house.
I love to go to garage sales and auctions to look for those special treasures Oh one of my fav's too, but I usually have to live through other peoples fun.
I love photography I have this new camera and I love. I have really gotten into photographing food that I make to post. And on my other blog you'll see lots of grandbaby photos
Being able to open the windows and let the fresh air in and hear the birds sing. Don't we all. I also love to be able to hang clothes on the line!
playing out in my flowers taking in the sunshine . Didn't I tell you we are kindred spirits. Flowers, vegtables. I just love digging in the dirt.
Going for long walks around a pond hubby and the kiddo's likes to fish at . Never done this never had a pond around to fish in...but I would have to say watching my kids (thier grown now) ride thier horses. Whether it was at home or at show. I just love watching them
This is just a few of my favorites so let me hear some of yours now ...... These were some of our favorites...What are yours?