Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2nd Time Tuesday Treasures

Today I am joining Diane again to share treasures found at garage sales, antique shops or in my case my parents attic.

My parents used this little white table to display plants. Their living room was covered in overgrown ivy and other plants.
I rescued the little table to use in my kitchen. It fits perfectly between the refrigerator and the wall. I will be using it to display some of my dishes to make room in the cabinets for other dishes.
I love my little house but there isn't room for a china cabinet and so I am having to figure out creative ways to store and display.
I think this little shelf will work perfectly once it is painted and cleaned up.
Thanks for visiting. I also wrote a post here today please visit my other blog.
And stop over at Diane's to see other treasures!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mosaic Monday

Welcome to Mosaic Monday today I am sharing photo's of my dog Daisy. Since she dressed for Halloween yesterday I thought it would
be fun to show some photo's of her today.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

This is the first time I have posted a music video here. Most Saturdays I join Amy and post a song that has spoken to me during the week here. When I sarted My Home Sanctuary it was intended as an outlet to share homemaking, decorating etc. A place to funnel my creative and a place to dream.
A place hopefully to invite you into and hopefully open the door for you to visit
My Journey Back.

Just this week the term crossover came to mind.

You see last Sunday at the chapel service that we do in a juvenile prison unit we were talking about music and worship. One of the songs we sang was simple and we expected the boys to know it.

Only one boy had heard ever hear the song Jesus Loves Me.

We asked them about the music they listen to and one of the boys mentioned he would like to hear some songs by Kutless (I knew who he was talking about; my husband didn't). Amazingly today at Amy's the song she shared was by Kutless. It is brand new and I was amazed at how God brought me to hear it.

I haven't posted on Saturday in quite a few weeks.

Then as I was visiting the other blogs I found this.

These words spoke to me...
'nothing is impossible for you. You hold my world in your hands.'

These are words I know in my head. But these are words I needed to hear today in my heart.

And I really didn't want to forget them or this song. So today I crossover.

Today I bring to you peace,joy and maybe healing. And if your heart needs these words today I pray that you are healed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dreams of Tablescapes

Yesterday I was dreamin' in White and today as promised I am dreaming of tablescapes.

I love every Thursday to visit Sandra and all her followers. These people are so amazing they blow me away.

I get such wonderful ideas and I dream and dream of someday setting a beautiful table and posting it here.

And today I am still dreaming but I wanted to join the group anyway. Sandra I hope it is o.k.

I borrowed this photo from Sunset Magazine.

Kinda represents my lack of time to set a beautiful table. But I thought this one was sweet anyway.

Now just because I didn't do a real one please come on back and visit maybe someday I'll post my own real table scape. Patience girls. That is what I am learning over on My Journey.

Thanks Sandra for the inspiration.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White Wednesday

More dreams in White.....

I just love this porch. I just know that there are white rockers. There I can just imagine sitting there and rocking and looking out over the pasture. Of course there is a pasture filled with horses. (remember this is my dream) Aren't the white pumpkins dreamy?

Step inside.....

I just dream of decorating in white....

What a lovely centerpiece. I wonder what the rest of the tablescape looks like....my will take me here tomorrow for wonderful tablescape ideas.
But today for more wonderful White Wednesday posts go here
Happy White Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White Wednesday

A simple white church. Looking for simple things. May your White day be simply beautiful.
For more beautifully white images visited White Wednesday

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mosaic Monday Charity Quilts

Welcome to Mosaic Monday hosted by Mary. Today I wanted to share some of the quilts that I have helped make for charities.
You can read more about this ministry at our ministry blog. Or please visit my other blog My Journey Back .
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small Things ala Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary

It's a bad thing when your photo's are on your husbands computer and you need them...I wanted to invite you all to visit one of my favorite bloggers Rachel Anne. She is actually my inspiration for this blog.

The photo above isn't the one I wanted....remember I am on the wrong computer but it does show her small things banner. (In case your interested in any of the other meme's in this collage go to my other blog.)

Rachel Anne give us the most amazing suggestions to help us keep our home lovely, simple and make it a sanctuary. And she has an amazing sense of humor and makes mundane household chores fun. Her creativity is a hoot.

Today she suggested cleaning the oven which she called "the hottie". I told you she is just a hoot.

Earlier in the week she suggested tidying your closet and getting rid of things you don't wear because they don't fit your style anymore.

And she also offers prizes each month if you do the daily simple things and keep your points you can enter for her prize. I am horrible at doing it and logging and turning it. I wish I was more organized about it. But, since I am not it leaves you the chance to win!

Every Friday she hosts company girl coffee and all the girls that follow her write on their blogs about what they did or learned during the week from the simple suggestions.

So go by tomorrow and visit Home Sanctuary and enjoy meeting Rachel Anne and the other company girls. Maybe I'll get the chance to join the group tomorrow too.

Off to make my home a sanctuary by cooking an amazing dinner!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Wednesday

White Wednesday cozy winter whites ready for the cooooooooooooold weather....

A dreamy pantry I wish I had I found this in Country Living.

For more dreamy white visit FadedcharmCottage.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2nd Time Around

I love my kitchen window. I am sorry this photo is so dark I really hope that you can see it. Here's a tour and why it is posted in Second Time Around.

The main focus is the grapevine star in the upper right. It has lights on it and was originally meant for a Christmas decoration. My daughter got it at Target for me. I love it and last year I put it in the window and decided 'why heck...why box it back and let it sit lonely in the closet for 10 months?' It stayed and I love it.

Hanging just in front is a hanging candle from a garage sale donation for our ministry. I kept it couldn't stand selling in for cents in a rummage sale. It has beads on it and the metal around it is kind or a rusty cooper color.

Which is the entire inspiration for my kitchen now. My kitchen is white and I love all things white, shabby and chippy. But I got to looking around and I started seeing all this rusy copper color.

I orginally intended to use stanless steel but all this coppery color started just jumping out at me so it is now the accent color with my white and blue and red.

I'll have to one day do a photo shoot when the kitchen is clean and it isn't dark and show you all my wonderful things!

Until then visit Diane diane1876.blogspot.com at for wonderful 2nd Time Treasures.
sorry no color in this post. I am glad I know how to bold and italic with out clicking on those options. I am on my husbands computer and nothing is working Oh the link didn't either that is why I typed it..

I'll be spending tomorrow getting all my photo's off this computer and getting back to mine.
Happy treasure hunting.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mosaic Monday Soup Weather

I love Fall. I love the colors of Fall. And I love the wonderful soups, chili's and stews that are so yummy. Here is
a photo collage of a yummy potato soup just perfect for crisp fall weather. Hmm, hmm, good.

For more lovely reminders of Fall and other Mosaic Monday posts go here

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