Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slow Cooker Dinner/Planting Seeds

Thanks to Sandraat Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. I have dinner in the crock pot and simmer away. This is what I hope it will look like when it's done.

And while it is cooking this is what I am going to do today.

I found this photo here The inspiration came from Lindsey she has a lovely post showing the 50 pots they made. I won't be making 50 today but I am inspired to try this. I will be putting in some seeds in trays I already bought. Oh and by the way. I'll be making my own without purchasing the nifty tool.

And, while all this is going on I have beans soaking for this.

This I found here. Please go over and visit 11th Heaven wonderfully fun blog. Here is her link to the recipe it didn't show up when I tried to cut and past. Run by and check out the recipe !

Now it isn't a crockpot recipe but I am adapting it. I think it should work pretty good. So tomorrow I'll let you know. A perfect meal for tomorrow night after working all day at the food bank.

Happy Crockpot cooking.


Jen said...

I love bean soup! Those pots look really neat. You'll have to let me know how they turned out.

Carla said...

hey, girl, how are you making those paper pots with out that wooden thing?
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sandra said...

Oh now those pots look so cute, can't wait to hear how they turn out :)