Monday, March 2, 2009

And what does your kitchen look like

Ouch! Yes that was my first thought when I read Rachel's challenge today. And what a day to begin and get back into her daily challenge's!

Here's what she said....

Today's Small Thing is to "put on" a fresh set of eyes....but not for your entire house. Just for your kitchen.

What is the first thing you would notice if you were a new guest? Piles of junk mail?No..thankfully Last night's dishes?Yes..(here's the ouch) Rice stuck to your stove top?Ouch...we'll it is spinach but does it matter?
If you knew that someone was going to stop in to visit in say, 10-15 minutes, what things would you tidy up in your kitchen?Do I have to answer the door? Probably not the inside of your oven, or the vegetable bin in your fridge.Ouch...this girl is tough You might scoop up the counter debris and deposit it somewhere, give the floor a quick sweep and at least get the dishes stacked next to the sink.I have no hope!
Just enough so that your new friend would be under the impression that you are industriously neat. I hope my new friend isn't too judging!

POINTS: 40 for seeing your kitchen with new eyes, and spending enough minutes on it that you could fool a visitor....I really think if I get this done I should log 80 points!

And here's the photo that Rachel posted it just cracked me up. At least it gives me something to smile about!

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