Friday, February 19, 2010

As Rachel Anne said this morning where did the week go?
Actually in my case the last two weeks. The last time I posted seems like along time.
To speed things to the present. The house where I found the darling firetruck didn't work out.
So we have been spending our time looking again. At anything that is remotely possible. We drove today over an hour to see a house that was o.k. but we decided this area is just too far.
I guess it is ok because we are no where near packed. I did a bunch of boxes in the kitchen this week. And actually put some stuff in a sale or giveway pile. I didn't realize how many knives, mixing/wooden spoons I own. No wonder that drawer is always a pain to shut.
I have spent some time this week visiting a lot of blogs. I haven't had much to say and even on my other blog My Journey Back I have been at a loss for words. So I have visited a lot of places and found some wonderful decorating ideas and such; that I hope to use soon.
While visiting this wonderful blog I think it was called Home Town Girl I found a neat place called It is a place where you can make photo collages and do other stuff with your photos. I liked it except that I found with the free trial you can't do much. Here's what I did.

These are photo's from my 'white' folder. I love to decorate in white. I have seen so many houses that have the perfect rooms for white. But it is really, really hard to rent a house in our area. They are few and far between and apparently a lot of people trying for them.

I was going to put this photo in the collage but it wouldn't work. I just love this. It is dreamy to me. I would love to have a little place like this. Or at least a covered patio.
Basically my week has revolved around packing and looking for a house so rather borrowing. But hopefully next week I will take a few more photo's to share with you guys.
I did do some of Rachel's suggestions this week. It is so helpful to me to stay organized this way.
I loved her idea of cleaning the tub today and then taking a long bubble bath. But yesterday I filled our tub with boxes. So the bubbles will have to wait till the new house. Oh how I wish it has a squirt tub. AKA jetted tub!
May your weekend Be Blessed enjoy your bubble bathes


Lea said...

Picnik is great! I've been using it for a while and it does such neat things. Good luck in your search for a new place to "hang your hat."
Happy week-end!

secondofwett said...

Oh, I love that little place that you have pictured...looks like a great place to hide out when you've reached your limit!

jennibell said...

I am so sorry about the house thing not working out. . .praying for you and these difficult times. Love that you collect pictures of your "dream" decorating spaces. . .it really gives a feel about the person I think.