Friday, February 26, 2010

Doors, doors and more doors

How I spent my week. Going through door after door and door. We looked at so many houses that my head is spinning. And, we are no where close to finding anything that suits us.

We looked at a horse property that had a pool and three stalls. They wanted an additional $500.00 per horse. Yes you heard me right. $500.00 per horse! That is crazy. On top of the $2,00.00 a month rent!

We looked at a property that would have been perfect. Enough room for us and my mother who is considering moving in with us. Which I have been praying and praying about.

That one leased before we could make an offer.

We looked at lake properties.

We looked at property after property after property and still nothing that would work for us and momma and our dog which is over 25 pounds. Our dog is over 50#'s.

Listing after listing says dog o.k. under 25 pounds.

Basically that was my week. I did get some boxes packed. I did get to play with the grandbaby on Monday.

I sort of stuck to the menu I planned for the week. Got sidetracked a couple of days.

I only did a couple of Rachel Anne's Simple Things. Although I read most of her posts. I was encouraging all of you guys that were better than I was this month.

Good luck for all you girls that logged points.

I hope next month I will do better. I don't think I have turned in points more than once or twice. So girls, I encourage you on. I am no competition to you. Rock on and log those points!

If you all would be kind enough to pray for us. We need to find a house!

I am praying for all you girls. Have a Blessed Weekend we Company Girls must unit!

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Melanie said...

Still praying that you'll find the right door soon. :)

thecoolmom said...

How frustrating. Hopefully your search will be fruitful soon and you will find a new place to call your home sanctuary. said...

still lifting a prayer up to you that you'll find something beyond your wildest dreams. Don't get discouraged.

Cathy said...

Hang in there! The Lord already knows your house...Now to wait on His perfect timing!
Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's been tough finding a place that works out for you. I hope you will be able to find a home soon. We found our home when we finally stopped looking. We had been searching for a long time and couldn't find anything we like or could afford. But once we stopped, we found our home. Looking back at the other places, it would not have been a good fit for us or our kids, so God's timing and plans have a way of surprising us when we least expect it.