Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Good morning. I am so glad you stopped in I need your help. I am planning a little romantic table for two. I am so not sure about a couple of things. Would you help?
1st here is the table complete with just a plain 'ole white tablecloth. Not sure I like it.

Now here it is with a different cloth. Not exactly sure but I think it's brocade. I am definately leaning toward this one. BTW it really isn't even a table cloth just a piece of fabric.

Here's a close up of the center. The doily isn't really a doily it is a collar. The ring of beady looking thing in the center is actually a garland which I can't seem to figure out how to use. I like it here. Can't decide if I should put flowers in the vase or fill with sand and add sand dollars and shells. To make it a romantic beachy look.

Here's the first layer. I think I like the fabric best. What do you think?

Layer two some linen placemats I have had for a long time and never used except to dress the table. I am a little annoyed they got wrinkled in the move and I cannot get those blasted wrinkles out. That is why I have never used them I knew they wouldn't wash up very well and I have to iron! If you look really close there is a decorative white stitching. I think they probably came from Target but not sure. It's been too long!

Next layer. I love, love these plates! They are Moda. Love them. Opp's already said that!

Love these too! Vintage because I bought these babies probably 20 years ago. I cannot believe it. They are from Pier One.

The glasses match the star theme. These are Tiara glass and they are 30 years old. Got them as a wedding present.

And one last look I wanted you to notice the napkins they are old I got them a long time ago at an antique shop. They wash up so great I love them. And, the tea glasses I forgot to take a single shot of them. Garage sale finds. There were 4 and 1 small glass. I don't really think thier old just made to look old.
So what do you think? Table cloth or fabric? Sand or flowers? Now I am off to find some background music. And start the tea and maybe some frozen slushy kind of drink for the star glasses.
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Denise said...

It all looks really nice.

Scribbler said...

I love your fish plates, and I too hate to iron!

Mimi said...

Pretty table...I think it looks great done with the white tablecloth...pretty amber glassware. Love the napkins with the touches of orange, yellow and black/brown.
Have a great weekend!

Becky said...

I agree with you - the fabric matches and enhances the dishes, And I like the idea of the sand and sand dollars/shells

Entertaining Women said...

If I had the option, I would probably always do flowers...if I'm on a tight budget or just out of time, the sand and shells will be effective, too...that's how I usually operate anyway. I like to textured fabric, but I like the contrast of the white cloth with your neat dishes even better. I think that your first photo was the most impressive. Thanks for letting us play as you consider the finishing touches for your charming design. Cherry Kay