Thursday, January 20, 2011

So What Would Your Table Say?

So, do you ever wonder if your dining room table could talk what it would say?

Crazy idea. But . . .

. . . stop and think about it?

How many family dinners have been set at your table?

Today I am sharing two dining room tables and tablescapes . . .

Posted by PicasaThis one set simply with paper plates, plastic ware and paper napkins

Does it make you wonder the story behind it?
Click Here to read the story.
And, here's another (story included)

This simple little spread was my grandsons 2nd birthday party. Cupcakes, PB&J, Quesadilla's and juice boxs for the kids. And some munchy food for the adults.

The table that you can't see here has many, many stories to tell.

Our family stories and many, many stories from before we acquired the table. It is an amazing old table we bought many, many years ago at an antique auction. We have never seen another table like it. It has two leaves that are stored inside. To put the leaves in you have to crank the table. It has really fat carved legs that have tiny wheels on the bottom. As you crank it open or closed the little wheels move it across the floor.

This table has been in our family a long time. There are many stories. And if you look closely at the top it was well used. It is in bad need of refinishing. Something I always wished I could do. But, I no longer own this treasure. It has moved on. But, I still get to see it. I still get to sit at it occassionally and probably I'll be taking many more photo's. You see my daughter managed to talk me out of it! It now sits in their little kitchen. And each night her little family sits around it.

Wow I wonder what sweet stories it could tell now?

So what stories will your table tell?

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Pattie T. said...

This is certainly something to consider. One year I had the idea to cover the table with a rather inexpensive white tablecloth and put a permanent metallic gold marker at each place setting. The idea was to get each guest to jot something, a comment, compliment, observation, directly onto the cloth with the marker, and then sign their name. But that was the year of the ice storm, so I had no dinner. I may just consider it for this coming holiday season. I'd certainly have plenty of time to work the kinks out of the plan, wouldn't I?