Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd Time Around Tuesday

Welcome to what it says above...I am just in a silly happy mood this morning so Diane I hope you don't take that as sarcastic!
I am joining Diane to share some treasures with you. 2nd Time around is for treasures you find anywhere I think. 2nd hand stores, Goodwill, garage sales on the curb.
Or, where I find most of mine my mothers house or my daughters house. So join me for a virtual tour of treasures that my relatives discard.

First is something from my daughters.

I don't remember exactly what this is called something like a sugar mold or something. She purchased it with the stand and candles in Canton the biggest trade day/flea market in Texas. I think at least it used to be. I haven't been in years.

Anyway she bought it paid way too much and left it at my house when she got married. Her loss is my gain I say. The candles made to fit the mold are too expensive for me so I saved the last three orignals and I just drop a tea light or other small candle on top. It works for me (oh I am thinking of another meme to join!) Sorry it is a little dirty looking I didn't realize there were bits of candle from digging out the last ones. Please forgive!

Next is something I retrieved from my mothers house. Now I have to say I must make a correction above I said I was sharing things they discarded. Correction! My mother never, never, never discards anything. I begged, and begged and begged for this item. Take a look and then I'll share it's little story.

You can probably tell it was originally a set of canisters or cookie jars. They sat on a shelf in my mothers kitchen most of the time I was growing up. I duested them weekly as was my job. I wished they were filled with cookies. They never were. She had one jar she used as a cookie jar and still to this day uses it. Theses lovely's sat and sat and sat till I begged her to give them to me. I finally got them when my kids were in Elementary school. They sat on my counter filled with cookies or chips or snacks. They were perfect I could put a few things in them and my hunger boy could eat what was there and not eat an entire sack of chips. Once they were gone they were gone till I decided to refill.

I know now your thinking my gosh this woman rationed her child's food! Call the authorities. Before you do you can let them know I rationed milk too! But in my defense from the time the boy was 14 on he could drink an entire gallon of milk in about 15 minutes and want more!

At 30 he still does it and my daughter in law rations so there is milk for the kids!

Well now the cannister as you can tell has retired from the kitchen. It is part of my sewing room filled with buttons. Which like my mother I never, never, never use. (at least not very often)

I hope you enjoyed my 2nd time treasures. And if your not into garage sales etc. go check out your mom's I can vouch begging works!

You know before you leave you might be interested to know that I am having a Gift A Way over here go over and check it out and come back and let me know if you entered! And don't forget to come back here tomorrow for White Wednesday.


Twice Remembered said...

I just love that canister set! The darker wood is just perfect...lovely!

Jeanne said...

I think my kids have discovered begging. Big smile. actually they only have to ask. I am ready to have less to dust. I love both of your treasures. I like things made of wood. I too rationed everything when my five became teenagers. Lord save us from a hungry teen. What I didn't know, everyday for lunch they made microwave cake and ate all of it so I wouldn't know. We lived very close to their schools. (walking distance) Actually I wouldn't have cared. LOL.
I think it tasted better because they were sneaking it. laughing.
Love your text and your blog.


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

these are some great treasures. What a clever idea to use that canister set for snacks. I love that you can see what is inside. I've seen sets like this at flea markets but never thought to use them for snacks. I may have to be on the lookout for one now. The buttons look pretty in it too. I have one of those sugar molds, but it doesn't have a iron stand like yours.laurie

Vintage Junky said...

Oh I love that idea! those buttons look great in there! Thanks for visiting my blog, of course you can borrow my potting bench photo.
Have a great day!