Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Wednesday

A few of my favorite white things . . .

White Roses . . .

Horses. . . (not a huge fan of snow although I do enjoy looking at it)

And last but not least this white photo with just little pink, red and yellow my granddaughter well there is a little more red than a little. (She gets the hair from my daughter in law. Yes there is hair and it is red. It might possibly be from the water!)
Thanks for visiting today. Happy White Wednesday! If you have time before you visit the other White Wednesday posts. Go over here for my Wordfilled Wednesday post.


common ground said...

Great photos and images. Love that horse photo with the white wreath!
And Darling baby in the bath!

Mary said...

My grandbaby has red hair, it. That horse in the barn, with the wreath, in the middle of snow, is really a great picture! Happy White Wednesday!

Cindy said...

Up it's red. How sweet.

Rebecca said...

Oh how cute - the baby I mean. The horse is nice too

Ana said...

Hi Sherry,
What lovely pictures, my favorite has to be the one of your granddaughter...too cute. Thanks for sharing and thank you so much for dropping by A Petite Cottage and for your comment.
Have a wonderful day!


French Cupboard said...

Yeah, I'm not so big on snow either but horses... love them! I'm a readhead too so I'm partial to other redheads. Give the sweetie lots of kisses. =) Blessings... Polly

Jeanne said...

Love that horse with the snow. I love snow unless I have to drive in it!!! Your grand babe is adorable in that photo. One of my daughters is a red head. Love that red hair.


Simply Heart And Home said...

Adorable pictures! I have a red-head daughter! :)



Carla said...

What a sweet grandbaby! My daughter was hoping for red-headed babies, none so far, but one is due between now and Oct, so we will see.

Diva Dee said...

So pretty, and your grandbaby, darling! Love the red hair, there must be a bunch of Irish or Scottish genes there for sure!
XO Dee

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Beautiful pictures and love your granddaughter. She is so pretty.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Happy White Wednesday a few days late!!!
Red and White go great together!