Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small Things ala Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary

It's a bad thing when your photo's are on your husbands computer and you need them...I wanted to invite you all to visit one of my favorite bloggers Rachel Anne. She is actually my inspiration for this blog.

The photo above isn't the one I wanted....remember I am on the wrong computer but it does show her small things banner. (In case your interested in any of the other meme's in this collage go to my other blog.)

Rachel Anne give us the most amazing suggestions to help us keep our home lovely, simple and make it a sanctuary. And she has an amazing sense of humor and makes mundane household chores fun. Her creativity is a hoot.

Today she suggested cleaning the oven which she called "the hottie". I told you she is just a hoot.

Earlier in the week she suggested tidying your closet and getting rid of things you don't wear because they don't fit your style anymore.

And she also offers prizes each month if you do the daily simple things and keep your points you can enter for her prize. I am horrible at doing it and logging and turning it. I wish I was more organized about it. But, since I am not it leaves you the chance to win!

Every Friday she hosts company girl coffee and all the girls that follow her write on their blogs about what they did or learned during the week from the simple suggestions.

So go by tomorrow and visit Home Sanctuary and enjoy meeting Rachel Anne and the other company girls. Maybe I'll get the chance to join the group tomorrow too.

Off to make my home a sanctuary by cooking an amazing dinner!

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Diann said...

Thank you for telling me about this blog. I think I will check it out!