Saturday, October 24, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

This is the first time I have posted a music video here. Most Saturdays I join Amy and post a song that has spoken to me during the week here. When I sarted My Home Sanctuary it was intended as an outlet to share homemaking, decorating etc. A place to funnel my creative and a place to dream.
A place hopefully to invite you into and hopefully open the door for you to visit
My Journey Back.

Just this week the term crossover came to mind.

You see last Sunday at the chapel service that we do in a juvenile prison unit we were talking about music and worship. One of the songs we sang was simple and we expected the boys to know it.

Only one boy had heard ever hear the song Jesus Loves Me.

We asked them about the music they listen to and one of the boys mentioned he would like to hear some songs by Kutless (I knew who he was talking about; my husband didn't). Amazingly today at Amy's the song she shared was by Kutless. It is brand new and I was amazed at how God brought me to hear it.

I haven't posted on Saturday in quite a few weeks.

Then as I was visiting the other blogs I found this.

These words spoke to me...
'nothing is impossible for you. You hold my world in your hands.'

These are words I know in my head. But these are words I needed to hear today in my heart.

And I really didn't want to forget them or this song. So today I crossover.

Today I bring to you peace,joy and maybe healing. And if your heart needs these words today I pray that you are healed.


Marina said...

This song always moves me and that line in also the line- "You calm my raging walk with me through fire" The whole songs is so beautiful...praise God for sensitive songwriters.

Mary said...

This is a beautiful song, and it moves me to tears. As I read your post, it rang true with too, in that I began my blog for tea and decorating ideas, but am finding that I am "crossing over" to the spiritual blogs, because they speak to me so very much. I found that I want to spend more time in prayer and the Word than taking photos of my house...not that I don't still like that, mind you, its just that I don't always have time for both. Speaking of which, I scrolled down your blog a little and see that you participate in White Wednesdays, too, and I have visited you before, but not lately...seems like Wednesdays are busier than other days of the week. I hope to visit more often, as I really like your "whites"!

Take care, God bless,

Cathy said...

I love that song by her. Thank the Lord, He is our healer.