Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Welcome come on in for our little Mexican Fiesta . . .

I am runnin' a little behind I was just drying the dishes. I don't use these often so I always give them a little clean up first. Actually I just love to find a reason to use this dish towel and I wanted to show it to you! Yes it was an Ebay find. How did you know?

Everything all dry and ready for the little buffet. Sorry Cowboy just dumped his chaps there on the chair. Men. I can't complain though because he jumped into the truck to run down and pick up the homemade tamales that will be part of our lunch. Oh I just love the table cloth too. Found it at some antique shop I really don't remember I have had it so long!

The drink station is set up. I'll run get the tea and frozen margarita's out of the fridge. It is so hot outside I knew you would want something cold to drink. Cowboy thought the table runner was a little silly but I thought something was lacking yes...I did take a part a skirt but I think it is kind of fun I love the ruffle. Adds a little frilliness I thought.

Posted by PicasaAnd while I am there I'll grab the guacamole, salsa's and chips.
Yes that is my family famous homemade chili you smell. It is slowly simmering on the stove.
Of course I had to serve it because I had to have a reason to use my chili bowls. Yes they are the little brown ones.
The dinner plates are Noritake Boulder Ridge this set was a Mothers Day gift from the kids and the Cowboy.
Oh the glasses your wondering about them. Aren't they perfect for a cold frozen margarita. I loved stemmed glasses. These are 30 years old. I got them as a wedding gift they are Tiara glass and yes that is a date on them they are commemorative glasses. I just love the amber color.
Oh well thank you I know isn't the little donkey so cute. I never use him for his intended purpose her always just decorates. He was a gift from a friend.
So many questions yes...I do have a collection of wood bowls I use them for all kinds of things. Sometimes I fill the large one with candles for the table. Thanks for noticing.
Oh I think I hear the truck coming in. Cowboy must be back anyone ready to sit down and eat! I'll have Cowboy light the candles on his way back outside. Go ahead refill your glass and I'll get the buffet set up.


Barbara said...

Mmmmmm, that chili DOES smell good! I really like your dinnerware. The color is gorgeous. This looks like the perfect setting for a wonderful meal.

craftyles said...

Cute idea. I love the theme. Sounds like a fun time!

Marlis said...

your story telling is a hoot! Love it. I love those dishes. Might have to just go out and roust some up myself..

Entertaining Women said...

What a delight! You obviously have an attitude of joy as you create your party tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Mimi said...

What a charming the amber stemware. Your menu sounds delicious.

Denise said...


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