Monday, November 29, 2010

Blue Qilts 4 Blue Monday

Welcome to Blue Monday . . . since it is getting a little colder outside and since some people are already posting snow photo's I thought I would share a few quilts to help you warm up today in Blue of course!

This was a personal favorite. It started with the light blue in the center section. You can't see it but it has tiny orange flowers. I found the brighter blue just about the time I found the orange and it all just started coming together. And the the stripe of course I think just topped it off! Loved this one!
Sometimes it is a litte of a challenge finding fabrics that go together but I think the little clouds worked perfectly with the Noah fabric. The tan matched the lions faces perfectly.

This one wasn't a favorite and it was a real challenge. I really don't like the dark navy but at the time I was under the gun and had to get some kits ready.
Kits? You ask... yes kits. Nope not for shop or a store class. But for a class of teen age girls from a Halfway House where we are volunteer chaplains.
And I bet your wondering why choosing fabrics was/is such a challenge? All the fabrics are donated! I never have to buy fabric. And it always seems that just the right donation comes along to pull some great looking quilts together!
And, even when they really aren't my favorite I know the babies and children that receive them are excited and really appreciate it! All of our quilts are donated to charities!
For more about the quilts and our ministry check out our ministry blog and the photo blog where more of th quilt photo's are archived.
And go over to Sally's to see more photo's in Blue.


SmilingSally said...

You have a good eye for combining fabrics, Sherry.

My artwork is not a photograph. Carol painted it with watercolors.

Happy Blue Monday!

shopannies said...


Kim, USA said...

Wow this quilts are gorgeous!! Love it!
Mango juice

LV said...

I love all quilts, old or new. Yours makes a perfect blue feature for today.