Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Such a Challenge ...Falling into Reading

And it is a huge challenge for me because I just found this and the deadline is December 20th.
I have a list of books I have been wanting to get to. And so I decided to join up. Even though I am late. Here's my list . . .
I jumped on this offer. Sometimes I find myself not knowing what to post about. And so I need these challenges and meme's. But this book promises to solve problems and generate ideas. We'll see.

I love action and suspence. This one looks like a page turner!

Hmmm we'll see . . .

Another suspense, thriller I can't wait to get started on it!

And last this one promises to be a fast paced mystery. . .
And I have a few I have finished reading and I have to get some reviews written. I even had a plan to do them last weekend but my plans went down the drain when the internet acted up most of Friday and then Saturday afternoon and evening I got to spend with our daughter and grandbaby.
So here's my list of reviews to write and post this weekend. I hope you'll come by and check them out.
Me Myself and Paris by Ruth Yunker
A Rush of Wings by Kristen Heitzmann
A Higher Court by John Betcher
and my second cookbook review!!!! I can't wait for more cookbooks.
Kosher by Design Teens and 20 Somethings
Just to give you a hint you might as well go check these out why wait for my reviews. Get a jump on Christmas shopping and pick them up at Amazon.
So there's my list I want to follow up on all the Tuesday posts and questions that I missed for this challenge when I am taking a break from reading.
See you soon.

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