Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Company Girls Challenge

Rachel Anne challenged us today to make our homes a sanctuary by making a list of things to do this week. I am a person of structure and organization. Although I am not typically a list maker I see the merits.

It has already started to be a challenging week for a couple of reasons
  1. I kept the grandbaby today. Who happens in his little charming way to expect all my attention and so I feel like I am already behind.
  2. We live in the country and we are on well water. We have been having some trouble and found out today we need a new pump. We rent so thank goodness for that but we are waiting for it to be taken care of. So I can't do laundry. Another challenge which causes me to be behind.

Here's my list:

  1. Finish or get really, really close to finishing my daughters quilt.
  2. Clean our bedroom. I have fabric scattered all over. I am lacking in storage and I tend to wash fabric and not get it put away.
  3. Sweep and mom the kitchen floor. Depending on the water issue.
  4. Lastly wash dishes everyday. I tend to night was dishes at night. I know that sounds horrible. But since it is so nice outside now we stay out late and eat really, really late then I am usually to tired to deal with the kitchen.
  5. Lastly get my sewing room back in order after moving some furniture out. I know that sounds like something silly not something that would make the house a home but in my case it makes me crazy when I don't get to sew. It is in such a mess right that makes me crazy too. So I need to straghten and organzie so Mommy will be happy. Reminds me of the saying 'if mamma ain't happen no one is happy.'

So there's my list. Looks pretty easy to me. We'll see.

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