Thursday, December 17, 2009

Once upon a time . . .

Here's Rachel Anne's Small Thing suggestion for today:
"Today's Small Thing is to tell a story. You might not think you are a good storyteller, but don't let that stop you. I'll make this easy by giving you a simple subject: a favorite Christmas memory from your past."

Hmm....Rachel Anne's suggested telling a story about a favorite Christmas memory.
As I stop and ponder the first memory that pops into my head is . . . Once upon a time my Cowboy gave me a lovely total 1 carat ring. It was actually a bunch of little diamonds but they totaled a carat. We have this photo of me opening the little box. It really isn't that particular gift that is the special part of the memory. In the photo I am wearing blue sweats. That year I purchased new sweats for all of us. Each one a different color. The kids were left on the beds with a note telling them to put them on before leaving their rooms.
That began a tradition of purchasing something to wear each Christmas day. Sometimes it was sweat shirts or sweaters all matching. Sometimes it was different colors. Sometimes it was p.j.'s.
I have some wonderful photo's of that Christmas morning but I would have to dig them out. Luckily Rachel Anne didn't require photo's. Maybe one day I will dig them out and post them with a link back here.

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Michelle said...

I like your Christmas memory.
Thanks for posting it.

One year I made a Santa mask, and as each person opened their gifts they wore the mask. We always start with the youngest to oldest opening presents. Once the youngest opens all their presents we move to the next person. This way present opening lasts a bit longer and we actually get to see what everyone got. The Santa mask was all in jest, as we know Jesus is the reason for the season.