Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple Thing Challenge

I am really going to log some points today. Rachel Anne has out done herself in offering the points today.
Here's what she has to say . . .

"Girls, The Eagle has Landed.

We got our Christmas tree up this weekend!

And the house is decorated. It was a one-day wonder...whatever didn't get done on Saturday, is not going to be done this year. I'm good with that.

Time to move on to baking and shopping, both of which I have not started.

Then why has my kitchen already taken such a hit? I think Thanksgiving came before I had a chance to give it a good cleaning, and then the past couple of weeks got a little crazy."

Do you ever get the feeling someone is peeking into your life? I think our dear Rachel has been sneaking over here and checking me out! And, noticing all the chaos she has decided to take drastic measures to get me busy!

Here's the points for today . . .
So let's have some fun with multiplying some points in the kitchen today!
Sweep Floor: 30 Check cha ching
Mop Floor: 30
Wipe Down Stove Top: 40 half a check here soaking up the goop! Done! Cha ching
Wipe Down Counters: 30
Wash all dishes (so that at least ONCE today there is nothing in the sink): 40 more soaking!
Unload dishwasher: 20Wipe out microwave: 20 Check cha ching

I have a handicap today because the grandbaby is here but I am determined. I mean doesn't Santa only visit good little girls?

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