Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Things Matter this weekend I started working on some ideas for my other blog. How I wanted it to look, what I wanted it to say, and how it is used. I really want it to be an encouragement to those that visit. I love having two blogs because here I can join all the fun places that suggest different things to post about like 2nd time around on Tuesday and White Wednesday and many others. I work much better when I am organized and so I am working on organizing my thoughts and posts. And structure helps me. That is why I enjoy Rachel Anne and her Simple Thing suggestions. I call them challenges because they challenge me to make my Home a Sanctuary and they remind a lot of times of things/places in my home that get neglected.
My challenge to myself this year along with Rachel Anne’s Simple Things are to post everyday. I’ll be posting here all the Simple Things but also joining some of my favorite meme’s. So come back often. And visit me over at My Journey Back for encouragement and inspiration.
Wishing a Simple and Blessed New YearLogging 40 points today

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