Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Time Around Tuesday

Joining 2nd Time Around again today. Today I am sharing a couple of things that I love.
These are items that I have repurposed. I love taking vintage items and finding a new job for the them.

Here they are . . .

Two very old metal coolers
The red one I have had for a long time it was my Cowboys grandmothers
Cowboy repainted it recently because it was looking rather sad
The one on the right is a 7up cooler
I just got it free from a man cleaning out his garage
It was really rough so Cowboy sanded it
It's ready for new paint
I bet you wonder how I repurpose them
Well the red one holds the dog food
The 7up one holds the cat food
They make great closed containers I put a trash bag inside and pour the dog food in since I have big bags because I have a big dog.
I just put the entire bag of cat food in the other one and a few cans for treats
I hope you enjoyed visiting today. There is more 2nd time around fun over here.
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