Sunday, August 31, 2008

'08 Simple Things Revisited

Over at my other blog I have this label called Dummies at Blogging I use the label when I write about things I am learning or my mistakes. I don't know how they would tally up.
Most of the time I think the "duh" moments out weigh the Look what I learned how to do moments.

This morning I had a Look what I learned how to do! moment.

I figured out how to use labels. I know some of you reading this are thinking
oh how dumb is this girl! Sorry.

Here's what I figured out how to do.

Since I didn't join Company Girls till July I missed half the year.
And some days I have missed writing about the Simple Things challenges daily. So I am going to have a label here called '08 Simple Things Revisited so when you see that label. It is a post about a challenge that I either missed or forgot or didn't have time to write about.

I think it is a cool way to go back and do all the amazing challenges that Rachel offers.

It is so Simple to make your Home a Sanctuary. Come on an join us!

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