Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maintaining a Healthy Body and 40 points!

Body by God. . . Rachael reminds us today how important it is to take care of ourselves. Here are her thoughts.

"Today's Small Thing is to do something that's good for you. When you think about it, with all that is required us daily, maintaining a healthy body shouldn't just be a fantasy, it's a necessity. I am among the world's WORST when it comes to taking vitamins and exercising regularly, but I notice a very real difference when I take just a few moments to do what I know I should do for myself."

Her challenge is to actively do something today that is good for your body.

I know that eating vegetables is important. And as a matter of fact I love veggies.
Especially fresh picked green beans, okra oh man give me a pan of fried okra. Or fried yellow squash. Well maybe that isn't the best or healthiest way to eat it. But my point is I love all veggies. Cooked or raw I'll eat them. And salad. Oh give me a chilled plate filled with romaine and some salad dressing maybe a few croutons and some Parmesan cheese.
But my problem is my Cowboy (husband) isn't a veggie fan. Give him meat; (red meat preferably, or anything wild that he has shot in some way)and potatoes and he is happy as a lark!

And fruit well neither one of us are real fruit eaters. But I try. Yesterday we had fresh strawberries. He asked for 5 to eat before taking pain meds, not 4, not 6,just 5. That was in his mind, his quota for the day.

I served a romaine salad with 4 strawberries on the side for dinner to go along with one of my favorites my recipe of Mexican Chicken and Rice (I try copy the dish from my favorite restaurant.
Well as you might have guessed. When I went to clear the plates. There were 4 lovely little red things left. Remember he ate 5 earlier in the day. I ate two off his plate. Plus mine.

I do try to do healthy things. One of the things Rachael suggested was walking to the mailbox. I do that. I think she mentioned drinking water. I love bottled water. I will drink a bottle every time I am in the car and all day long I am sipping on a bottle of water. I think I do drink enough water.

One thing I do is I try to think of how I can accomplish a daily task and add a little exercise to that task but I am like Rachael I end up feeling like I don't have enough energy sometimes. Like at the end of the night when I know that I need to go wash the dishes or at least load the dishwasher. (unload first) But I don't have the energy. That was one of those simple things from yesterdays challenge that I am trying to accomplish.

So I realize that I need to do more healthier things. And maybe instead of eating a large piece of red meat and a big baked potato maybe I should eat a smaller portion and go ahead and eat more of the veggies I love. That is a simple thing for me.

So it will be easy for me to get those points Rachael offered today by eating better.

Here's what she is offering . . . POINTS: 40 (HUH? Rach, why so many?) for doing something, anything, that's good for you today. Be conscious of being healthy today by doing just one small thing, and you probably already know what you should do. Easy.
(And don't beat yourself up over the fries you ate at lunch.)

See it was so simple. And she even gives us a break on the fries. Did I say I love french fries. Yummy yum.

My challenge is getting my Cowboy to follow suit.

I am really glad that you stopped in to visit and please go over to Rachael's and join us Company girls.


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