Monday, August 18, 2008

Easy Peasy 100 Points!

I thought it would be easy.
I went over to Racheal Ann's and saw her Simple Thing suggestion.

And really it was but it took a lot of time and thought just as she said.

Friday her suggestion was to Get Some Backbone!
What you ask? Racheal is very clever and makes all her suggestions simple and fun to do.
This weekend I took her suggestion and worked on my calendar. The concept is if things in your life are pulling you in a million different directions and your pulling your hair out trying to keep up how can your home be a sanctuary? She's right. I know it. You know it. But what do we do to change all that? Well here's an idea make a schdule. Get out a calendar and write down all your activities.

Here's Racheal's Backbone Principles:
1 Don't volunteer for everything on the spot.
2 Talk to your spouce about each activity before you commit.
3 Get a grip (you can't do it all)
4 Leave time for boredom
5 Set a limit on how many activities each child and each parent are allowed.
You have to go over to Racheal's blog and read about each of these principles. They really make sense and will help you alot. Here's how you get there. This isn't a link because I don't know how to do that but you can cut and paste the above or you I learned that you can google it.
That is what I do now I just think of the name of the blog I want to visit and google it and it pops up. Easy Peasy!

I have a lot more to write about my own calendar task and I'll probably write about it on my other blog. I don't know. Right now I am thinking I have written a lot and I don't want you to get bored with me. But how can you do that? I haven't told anyone about this blog yet. And so if your here it is by accident? Coincidence?
Do you believe in coincidence?

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