Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paper and Laundry

I haven't had a chance to post in a couple of days because I have been doing a lot of De-cluttering.
I was inspired by Rachel and by Marcia and Beth. M&B are doing a Declutter Challenge.
One of the things I've worked on this week is paper. Rachel even suggested dealing with paper too and offered some points for that.
Here's what our files look like.

This really is a bit of an exaggeration. . . these are really photos from Dreamstime but our files are similar. At least they were. I am getting a handle on them. The biggest challenge is my Cowboy he is really bad about filling is wallet, or the console of the vehicle, or the dresser or bathroom drawer. Any place he can find to put receipts. And most are a bit crumpled from having been stuffed in a pocket.
I have managed to go through the most recent ones and get them filed.
So these challenges have helped me a lot.
Home Sanctuary is my favorite meme. And it is cool because Rachel challenges us everyday and even does a cool giveway at the end of the month.
Todays challenges was the laundry room. The challenge was to clean the washer.
As in, wipe down, scrub whatever is needed to get the washer and dryer looking all new again. I wiped down both. It was pretty easier because one of my declutter
challenges for last week was to clean off the dryer. And keep it clean. So all the socks etc. are put away. As soon as the dryer is done I have been folding and sorting the load and right away taking them to put away. This is easy for me because it is only me and cowboy. So it is simple.
I am still pretty new blogging. And so I am not real savvy on how to do some things. Rachel my inspiration is at I don't know how to link. Go by and visit and get some inspiration.

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Rachel Anne said...

WOW! WOW! Sherry, I am so impressed! Way to go.

I just love how you have taken each thing and "made it your own" in the words of Paula Abdul. This is just amazing.

What is fun is the thought that we are doing these things kinda takes the boredom out of doing those little things and makes them seem enjoyable. I am really enjoying my CLEAN wash machine this weekend. I even took goo-gone and got rid of the sticker goo that was 5 YEARS OLD. It feels wonderful.