Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Sanctuary Tuesday Challenge

Welcome to my Home Sanctuary Challenge blog. I am a "Company Girl" hosted by Rachealanne at Home Sanctuary.com.

I just love this everyday meme and so decided to do a whole blog dedicated to it.

Every month Racheal gives us a verse to focus on. We can print it and use it anyway we want.

Here is this months verse.

Each day Racheal suggests something to work on to make our house a Sanctuary.

Today she suggested that we concentrate on those tasks that we start and don't finish around the house.

I know you have some. Here is a list of mine.

Trash I am talking trash...yes like the photo at the top of the page (I got it at Dreamstime.com)

1. Taking out the trash...just yesterday I gathered the trash and put it into the can and took the big garbage can to the curb. Then I found a couple of other items that I needed to throw away and there was of course stuff from the kitchen last night. And well by the end of the night I was too tired or distracted to make another jaunt out to the curb. So the trash sat in the kitchen overnight. But this morning after being encouraged by Racheal I took it on out to the curb.
See in my normal routine I would have just waited and put it in the trash can later today.
There is more to the list. But I have been called away from this post now. Please come back and read more about how to make your Home a Sanctuary. And don't forget to visit over at
Racheal Ann's
Have a Blessed Day

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