Friday, August 22, 2008

Home Sanctuary Thursday Challenge

Brown Baggin' it . . . what a simple challenge and healthy too. Rachael puts out the challenge today to look at brown baggin' it.
I sort of beat her to it because I had already planned to take my lunch today.
On Tuesday and Thursdays I get to keep my new grandson.
I had this wonderful salad left from Wednesday nights dinner so instead of letting it go to waste I packaged it up in an Olive Garden sack (that made me hungry) and took it for my lunch. It was a nice little treat. Plus my daughter had baked a cake on Wednesday so I had a slice of cake. It was yummy and a special treat!

So since I took my lunch I am giving myself 40 points. And I shared some of Racheal's ideas to my daughter. So I think that counts too.

Below are some links Racheal added check them out!

"POINTS: 40 for planning some brown-bag goodness. Give your man a sack lunch and a kiss as he leaves for work and tell him his Sonic days are over. Think about how to make your home lunches or school lunches a little more spectacular this year.

Here are some quick links to get you excited about the possibilities!

"Share your ideas! I'm looking for inspiration!" Racheal at Home Sanctuary.

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