Thursday, September 4, 2008

Focus today's Small Thing

Today's Small Thing is to focus.
To get out of the multi-task syndrome and focus on doing a single task through to completion without being distracted by the other things that are important.
This was a difficult task for me. I cannot think of a job that I could do and finish without distraction.
The only job I can think is just playing with the baby. So, that is what I did today. I allowed myself just to play and sing and rock without being distracted by outside pressures. I didn't turn off the t.v. but I allowed myself to fall asleep while rocking the baby.
I guess I need a little extra sleep. A quick catnap while cuddling a sleeping child just makes all the cares of the world go away.
It was a sweet day.
I don't think it warrants logging any points for today but it was just a Blessing.
It made me smile. And to share my smiles with you I want to share a picture that maybe will just Bless you. It speaks peacefulness to me. Today I focused on being peaceful.

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