Friday, September 5, 2008

Focus yesterday's Small Thing

Yesterday Rachel's Small Thing was to focus on one task and not let all the other things you need to do to muddle up focusing. In other words. No multi tasking.

Yesterday I had to many things going on to think about it. And couldn't still my mind.

But today even though it is a day late I did focus on something. I won't count the points but I wanted to share. My daughter finally downloaded some photo's. We have both been having camera problems.
We went and made a c.d. of all the baby pictures on her phone.

So I made the above collage today. It took me about 5 hours. Downloading and then figuring out how to get them out of picaso and then into coral to crop and edit and then into flicker and then into Huge labs. And figuring out all the passwords.

I did manage to put everything else on hold and I focused on the task. I know it isn't really a Home Sanctuary kind of task. But I figure my daughter and son in love will be Blessed. And the rest of the family that lives in another state.
But I wanted to at least share with all ya'll what I worked on.

And I working on all our books and getting them all organized maybe not by color. That did look cool though. But Rachel gave us all weekend to work on books so I have plenty of time to get them all organized again.

I promise that this blog won't be turned into a baby blog. But isn't that just the cutest little collage! Adding the dummies at blogging label because who takes 5 hours to do something like that but me?

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