Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is in your sinks?

Wow Rachel had an awesome suggestion today. And it got me to thinking.
What does my kitchen sink look like?

Actually this isn't my sink it is my daughters. But isn't it just too cute. This
is the grandbaby I take care of on Tues. and Thurs.

Rachel suggests:
Cleaning our sinks...

"A swift swab of the sink with an abrasive cleanser and a fast wipe of the faucet will whip that receptacle of disgrace into a shining bowl of honor. I love washing my hands under a gleaming faucet and seeing the suds go down a slick sink without sticking to toothpaste and grime. It gives me smiley-soul.

POINTS: Ooh, how about 40 if you do ALL the bathroom sinks and faucets at your house? If you miss one, just take 20 points.

Are your household cleaners in a handy location? Make your life easier by stocking up and then putting them where you actually use them." Rachel at Home Sanctuary

I am kinda weird. I don't like under my sinks cluttered up. You must remember it is just Cowboy and I anymore. So; I don't have a lot of kids to clean up after. And the baby is too small to make any mess yet. I keep all my supplies in the closet where my washer is. Which is in the bathroom. So it is really easy to wipe down the master bathroom sink daily.

Now the hall bath that is another story. And I need Rachel's inspiration. I do try to keep the kitchen clean but that is one of my challenges. FlyLady does have a challenging video about kitchen sinks. She suggests it is easier than we think and takes less time than we think.

I have gotten all those sinks done today so I am going to log my 40 points

How many points are you logging?

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Amydeanne said...

hey nice blog! :) So will you still do your other blog, or just this one now? your gson is adorable!!!