Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My New Adventure

If you visit my other blog you will find that one of my favorite things is sewing and quilting. And fabric. I am involved fulltime in ministry and what I do is teach girls about God and teach them to sew. We make quilts that we donate to charity.
It actually is an amazing Blessing to me because one of my strongest desires is to have a quilt shop. As it turns out it isn't exactly what I expected but I hope that you are happy and excited to see some of the fabric that I will be offering for sale.
This blog isn't becoming all fabric sale. It is still about making my Home a Sanctuary.
But I will be using it to offer up for sale some fabric that I really think someone out there will love to sew up! I am working on an ETSY store but before I offer anything there I thought I would start here. And see what happens.

I am making this totally easy. I will only charge actual shipping for my sale items. Send me your address and I'll take the package and weigh it and let you know the total. Then you can send me a paypal at or mail me a check. Just email me if you wish to mail a check. I'll figure out some way to post all this stuff so that each of my fabric posts won't repeat all this necessary info.

For starters here is a lovely piece of faric. It measures over 4 yards (probably closer to 5) I will always measure on the plus side or is it minus anyway you'll get more than what I actually post. Make sense?

This piece is over 4 yards. It has been washed and is really soft. I wouldn't use it in a quilt but it would be great for baby blankets with a little lace edge or even for bumpers for a little girls crib.
Here's a couple of photo's of other suggestions.
This is a cute sweet pattern. And there really is way too much fabric for this pattern but I could see this as a couple of little girl dresses. One little girl one big girl dress. Oh so sweet.

And here is one more idea.
I see this as adorable spring p.j.'s with a cute little cami type top. If I was more into garment sewing I might just whip something up. Or a really pretty nightgown.
This fabric is soft and grily looking.

The total cost for the 4 yards (plus) is $8.00. It measures 22" wide. There is no marking on the selvage so I don't know the manufacturer.

Purchase now and you can get those p.j's whipped up for Christmas presents!

You can email me at if you have any questions.

Please check back often. I will be adding lots of yardage and fat quarters and kits that I will put together. And I might be offering some dressmaker patterns too.
And keep checking over the next few days because I will be adding some freebies!

Happy Sewing Sherry

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