Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today's Small Thing Challenge

Sometimes it is totally scary when I read Rachel's Small Thing Challenge.
Today she suggested:Tidying up electric cords I was already thinking about doing just that. Is that not scary?
I have been moving furniture around the living room again. And of course all the plugs from the computer and lamp and cable etc. needed to be tidied up again. So I found a basket to stuff them all in. Actually I lied I didn't find a basket. I already had one bought specifically for the purpose of storing cords. It has a hinged lid. It was bought a few years ago at a basket party. It is really cool. Since I am having camera issues I can't take a photo to share. But, I learned something tonight so I am going to brag a little and share what I learned.
Below is a collage I made of you guessed it electrical cords.

BTW no children or animalswere harmed.
My other blog My Journey Back has a label titled Dummies at blogging I am still learning alot. Making a mosaic was something I have been wanting to do for awhile.
So I feel really accomplished and wanted to brag a little!

And wow I get 30 points just for stuffing all those cords in a basket.
I promise Rachel as soon as I get a camera I'll take a photo of the basket 'o cords!

See ya'll tomorrow with another Simple Thing

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Rachel Anne said...

Scary pictures! Made me smile!