Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Tip and Home Sanctuary Challenge

I found this cool meme over at 11th Heaven and decided to participate. Because I have been wanting to share this cool idea that I came up with.

I recently moved to a new house. No not new in the sense of brand new home. In fact it is anything but that. It has new carpet. New yellow paint in the living room which btw I love. New crown molding throughout the house. New ceiling fans. New wallpaper in the bathrooms. (which I could live without). And that is where the "new" stops. Abruptly! They didn't make it to the most import room the kitchen.
This kitchen is a through back to the well let me show you. I think this photo will give you a glimpse.

Yes it is what you think it is geese or ducks from like the 70's maybe anyway just pretend vintage! LOL. The cabinet doors are white but the rest of the cabinets are the same lovely light baby blue from that lovely era!

Well these geese were in the drawers and on the shelves. When I moved in I had a couple of rolls of shelf liner. Used them up and ran out. I happened to have a roll of this. So I got to thinking about what I could do. I didn't want just the brown drawer showing under the clear contact paper so here's what I came up with.

I know it is a little hard to see but this is an actual 'after' photo of the drawer. Frugal as I am (not but choice in most cases) I had to use my scanner but hopefully you can see and get the idea.

Now the inside of the drawers have this primitive looking red check fabric secured under the contact paper. I just love it. Every time I open my drawers and see it I just smile.

So if you are like me and you want something pretty for shelves and drawers and don't like what you find in the stores try this idea.
BTW I had one roll of the bumpy sticky stuff that is supposed to be good and safe for your dishes. I hate it. When I have a couple of extra minutes I am going to replace it with fabric and contact paper!

Let me know if you try my idea. I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

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Have a great and Blessed Week. Oh before I go I have to mention Rachel's challenge for today.
She was thinking about nursery rhymes you have to go over and read her post. They are always just so interesting and fun and funny. Anyway well I am working on tidying up the living room. It is a never ending battle on Monday. And I am working on planning a menu for the week becaue if you go to my other blog you'll see I have a bunch of new stuff to work with. I cook chicken,or beef. And veggie's I have veggie's to cook. Last night was brocolli but it is one of my favorites I could eat it everyday!

O.k. now you can go over and visit my other blog. And don't forget Rachel and Mommy to 9 she just fascinates me!

Have a Blessed and Happy week


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