Friday, October 17, 2008

Five Favorite things this week

Welcome to one of my favorite meme's Favorite Five hosted by Susanne.
It is fun to sit and reflect on the week and consider five of the most special things or moments.
Here's my list:
At the top of my list is my grandbaby. I keep him on Mon.,Tues. and Thurs. He is a hand full but so much fun. Yesterday was a really fun day because my daughter decided to start giving him his bath here. Her tub is to big for her to reach him and he is getting to big for the kitchen sink. Here is a photo collage. One of the shots is him at bathtime in the sink. Can you say adorable? I am sorry I am biased I know.

My #2 Favorite thing this week Is fall. I love the cooler weather and the changing colors on the trees.

#3 Favorite Has to be sitting outside and enjoying the sunset with my Cowboy husband and our animals. My dog loves sitting outside with us in the evenings. I hope fall lasts a long time!

#4 Favorite Don't laugh this is silly but one of my favorite things is Dr. Pepper. I know your thinking this woman is crazy for listing something as sill y as Dr. Pepper but it is my favorite drink. And it is my list so that is all I have to say on the subject.

#5 Favorite (BTW I decided to add that my list isn't necessarily in list of priority)Home Sanctuary
Rachel is the inspiration for this blog. I love her daily meme. She is such an inspiration and she is a wonderful writer. I miss her when I don't get to read her blog. She is just a lot of fun.

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Susanne said...

Hello and welcome to Friday's Fave Five. What a great list of favorites from your week. Your grandbaby is absolutely adorable. I love fall too for the very reasons you do. Now I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in ages. I'll have to go and get me one! :v)

P.S. Easy enough to fix the link.

Willow said...

I enjoyed reading your Fave Five this week. Grandbabies are the best, aren't they?

Denise said...

I enjoyed this.

Robin said...

How blessed you are to watch your little grandson! I would give my eyeteeth if I could do that - and he is absolutely adorable. I also love Dr. Pepper - but the diet kind.
And I love fall.
I think we must be related!