Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making Cards w/ Kelli (repurposed supplies)

Thanks for visiting. I love Kelli's Thursday meme making cards. She makes some amazing cards and I hope soon I'll get a chance to use some of her ideas.
Today I want to share a card I made from re-purposed supplies.
Here's the card.

This is actually my proto type for 4 cards that I am making that will all be alike.
Since I wanted to make so many I needed lots of supplies and so I repurposed part of them.
The beige main body of the card is a file folder. I didn't have any pre-made cards so I figured this would work since it already had a nice crease.
To determine the size I first found an envelope to repurpose. I ran into a snag here because the only extra envelopes I had were stamped on the back so. I covered the snap with matching paper and die cuts.
Here's a photo of the envelope

The black inset on the front of the card is actually an envelope that I cut up. I happened to have 6 of these and the paper was textured so I thought it looked good.
I attempted to stagger the little strips of card stock that I put the letters on but I don't like the look though. It just looks crooked to me so the real ones that I make will not be staggered.
I am making these cards to mail to some friends that participated in More than a Friend. A meme that I host on my other blog. This week is the second week and I am having a giveaway. There is still time to join and get in the drawing so go over and check it out.

I hope you enjoyed my cards from repurposed supplies. Please leave a comment and come and visit tomorrow for Show and Tell Friday

Happy Card making

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