Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Simple Thing Challenge....pockets of time

But what I've discovered is pockets.
Here are Rachel's thoughts on finding time to get things done.
Little pockets of time, here and there.

"See, I rarely get big chunks of time to "get organized." But Pockets of Time, say 5, 10 or 15 minute pockets, can pop up at unexpected moments. " Rachel
Here is Rachel's list of things done in 15 min. or less.
Fold a load of clothes.
Unload a dishwasher.
Load a dishwasher.
Wipe down a sink and mirror.
Scrub a potty.
Clean the kitchen sink.
Pick up an entire room.
Make my bed.
Water the plants.
Straighten a junk drawer.
Read a story to a preschooler. (sometimes I would put it off, thinking I didn't have time...but it actually fits in a pocket, too!)
Shave my legs. (it counts as a task)
Clean a stove top.
Today's Small Thing is to see what you can fit into a pocket. When you start to see all those giant, looming jobs for what they really are, they don't seem so bad. See? They can't be TOO big if they fit into a pocket

O.K. did you read this list? I love Rachel's sense of humor....I mean Hello she gave us the opportunity to count shaving our legs. Hello....points for shaving my legs. I would be a dummy to pass that up.
So I am off to do just that. And I think i will light a candle and pour a glass of wine and pamper myself a little bit.
BTW I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the sink twice today. Does that count for points? I log 50 points for doing a task. And another for coming up with a list.
Here's my list:

Make a greeting card for the churches card ministry
Send an email of encouragement to one of our ministrys volunteers
Sweep the kitchen
Dust the bedroom
Tidy the computer desk....I cannot seem to keep it clean. It is the catch all
Sweep the front porch and shake out the rugs
Read my 15 minute Devotional book by Emalie Barnes
Read a Psalm
Make a journal entry
Look up an old friend and make a plan to reconnect (visit my blog to see a post about

Well now I am finally off to relax in the tub. I mean Rachel suggested we do that so he what is a girl to do? I am just following instructions! LOL
See you all tomorrow.

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