Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Small Thing Challenge

Rachel posed the question "Do you have a busy weekend planned?" I have a busy Saturday planned. Then Sunday we plan to visit a different church.

Here's more of Rachel's thoughts . . .
"There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house when you've been running around all weekend. However, when you're running in and out the door, it is likely that your house could resemble a hurricane aftermath when it's all said and done.

It would be nice if we all got up and did chores first thing Saturday morning, like in the olden days of yore, but that can be nearly impossible for some families. Today's Small Thing is to do a little pre-weekend planning so that you can enjoy coming home after all the activities."

Ask yourself 3 questions:
1. What will we eat? I planned stew from the left over roast

2. What will we wear? What will I wear to the church where we plan to visit...that is always a problem because you want to fit in and not stick out like a sore thumb. I now that sounds petty when your talking about church. But where we live we run the range of anything goes which could include shorts...and no I don't live in Flordia. To dresses and panty hoses And, I have to say I can be a little judgemental on this issue. I mean really since we don't live in Florida or California or even Hawaii must shorts be acceptable Sunday morning attire?
Well for this girl nice dress pants or a skirt or dress is what is acceptable. So I plan to wear dressy black pants with a dressy top. I figure that is pretty much in the middle so I should fit in ok.

3. What can I eliminate? Wow this is a really hard challenge for me because tomorrow morning to afternoon I am taking my halfway house girls to a conference and concert. It will be amazing. Lisa Welchell who played Blair in Facts of Life is one of the speakers. I have to admit she just amazes me; and I want to go just to hear her. I am praying that our girls are totally Blessed.
Then the rest of the afternoon is free. The only thing I can think of to eliminate is the mess in my kitchen. But that isn't what Rachel was suggesting was she. I guess what I need to eliminate to make this hose a weekend Sanctuary is eliminating anyway computer time until said kitchen is clean and in order.

Wow what a challenge for me. So tonight at 10:12 p.m. I resolve to clean the kitchen and get my life and home orderly this weekend.

My prayer for you my blogging friends is that you have a Blessed Weekend.

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