Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rachel is such an inspiration. She gives us such amazing ideas, challenges and suggestions to basically be a Proverbs 31Woman. A woman of noble character. A woman who's husband is proud of her. Today she put out a challenge that was difficult for me. She suggested that we write a mission statement for our blog.
As wordy as I am most of the time in my posts. And as good as I am at providing information. This was difficult for me. Mainly because I have difficulty expressing myself.
Below is my attempt at sharing with you my mission for this blog and for my other blog

(sorry you can't read this. Click on the photo and it will enlarge in another window)
This verse speaks of my desire to lean and trust in God. To allow him to guide my steps. I must cling to it as I am really good at turning it over to God and then taking it back by worrying etc. I have to give it all to God and allow him to take me on the journey he has planned for me.
My hearts desire is to use the talents that I have to glorify him. Below is an illustration of the primary way I share God with other women and girls.

It is through the art of quilt making and sewing that I share God's love for us.

I know this wasn't exactly where Rachel was going with her suggestion. Hopefully anyone that reads this post will glean where I stand and where I wish to go. In a nutshell I wish to share God with other women and girls.
I wish to share my experiences and my skills and talents to teach women of all ages about God and his love for us. And that the coolest part is that we are all Princesses. How cool is that?

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