Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Menu Monday on Tuesday and Today's Small Thing

Welcome to my late Menu Monday post. Late it has been harder and harder for me to get to the computer or at least spend any length of time writing posts. Why you ask? Here is why.

This is a collage I put together of photo's when my grandson was 3 months old. He is 5 months old and even cuter. I am sorry I guess I am a little biased. But don't you agree he is just adorable. O.K. enough baby stuff. Here is my dinner menu for this week.

Steak, Baked Potatoes w/ cheese,butter and bacon bits,brocolli and garlic bread
Pinto Beans and bisquick cheese biscuits (super easy. I might even get the kitchen totally clean tonight! Yea)
Chicken hot wings and parmesan roll ups (these are really yummy basically a crescent roll filled with pepperoni super simple) and salad
Meatloaf,garlic mashed potatoes and salad
Lentil soup and bread
Mexican. Yummy yum. My favorite. Taco's,rice and maybe I'll make chicken flauta's
No plans now. Depends on if we go out for lunch after church and if our kids come over in the evening.

I just love knowing what I am going to cook. It makes life so much easier. I have been wanting to try once a month cooking again. I did that when our kids were at home. Does anyone do once a month cooking? I am seeing that I am so busy now with keeping the baby and all the other things I do that having dinner almost prepared would be a huge help.

Today I took Rachel's suggestion and cleaned my spice cabinet. She suggested checking the dates on spices and throwing out old ones. She even posted a chart on the shelf life of spices. I had already done that in June when we moved but I knew that my cabinet needed to be cleaned. I have no idea how it happens but I always have spices spilled all over the cabinet. I have some round turntables that are inside the cabinets that I sit the spices on. I love them. I have had them forever and they are really handy.

Thanks for coming by and btw if you want to see what else I am up to come by my other blog. Tomorrow I will be hosting More Than a Friend Wednesday. Come over and link up and write a post about someone special. It doesn't have to be a blogging friend. I hope to see you and meet your friends.

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