Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tips on Tuesday

Welcome to my blog...I was hoping you would come by today. Not much traffic on Tuesdays but I thought it would be fun to continue Sandra's tips on Tuesday and share one of my own.

One of my biggest frustrations is making the bed. I hate making a bed. In fact a long time ago when my kids were in elementary I cleaned houses to make ends meet. And as I think of it that is another tip. It is good money. You can schedule your jobs around your mom duties and bring in some extra funds. When I cleaned house there was this family that never did a thing not one thing from the time I left till the time I came back. Needless to say I raised my rate. They didn't bat an eyelash. They were my best paying job but they killed me. After awhile they asked me to change the sheets on all three beds wash and dry and put back on. I don't even remember what I quoted but in my mind at the time it was ridiculous something like an exta $100.00 a week I don't really remember but they paid it! Dawng! So if your looking for a way to bring home some extra bucks you might think about cleaning houses!

Here's the real tip I intended to share. It is about sheets. For some reason no matter how still we sleep the bottom sheet comes off the bed. Especially after they have been on for a couple of days. I have tried those thingy's that are supposed to keep them on but they don't work. What I figured out purely by accident though is that if you use two top sheets the bottom stays on!

Take the first top sheet and put it on. This is your husbands top sheet leave loose for him to get in bed but on your side tuck in all the way to your pillow. Now on your side you lay on it. He covers with it. Then you take another sheet I use a full spread across my side it with a lot hanging off the side edge. It will go just past the middle. This is my top sheet.

Now we don't fight over the sheet and the bottom one stays in place!

Isn't this crazy. Well it works for me. I know you are probably laughing and thinking why did I come over here today? Well it was because you wanted to find out about the giveway I am having over here and maybe you just needed a laugh.

Have a great day...tomorrow I'll post a White Wednesday post. See you then.

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