Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend Break Not

Rachel Ann at Home Sanctuary suggested taking a break this weekend. Even if you can't take a two week vacation away she suggests just relaxing this weekend and taking a break.

For me it is just taking a break from lists of things to do. Things away from the house.

I am weird but a break for me is getting to work around the house. I know you are wondering now why did I stop over here today this woman is nuts. Probably so. But I am inspired today so I am off to it.

Just to show you how crazy I am I leave you a photo that I think is just adorable. Enjoy

I have to explain. He is wearing a diaper. I had just changed him and the phone rang I was expecting an important call. He wiggled down and went to playing.
He is caring a cell phone and a eyeglass case that looks like a purse. My cowboy husband says it is a tool box not purse!

Have a great Saturday oh before you go if you stop over here I am doing a giveway the last day to enter for this drawing is today. But I will start a new one on Monday stop over there. This week is a Beth Moore study. I will post next weeks on Monday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. For some reason cleaning around the house somehow relaxes me.

Cute photo. hehe How about a man-bag like they say in some countries? I seriously think my husband should get one because he always asks me to hold his stuff in my purse. haha

Anyhow, hope you have a fantastic weekend!