Wednesday, July 22, 2009

White Wednesday

I dream of white. . .

I know this one isn't exactly white but I love this look.
And another dreamy photo . . . only in my dreams.

I dream of someday having a bed like this. Maybe someday I can manage the linens because my actually bed is not white and won't every be. I love, love,love my bed we had it custom made over 18 years ago. It is a four poster bed designed shaker style with the tiny canopy rails around the top. I can't describe it I'll just have to take a photo and show it one day.

And if you dream of white you can go here before you go I left one more little photo.
This one isn't white but I thought it was cute so I wanted to share it here too. I posted it with a scripture over here
Thanks for visiting my White Wednesday post I hope your day is Simply White


Rebecca said...

Beautiful photo' your dreams. I also love your banner--it is fabulous.
Have a great Wednesday

Wizard of Was said...

Oh my, I love those two bedside lamps. They are so great! Have a good Wednesday!
My Best,

Jen said...

I love that bed! I would love to have a bed like that, but hubby is 6'5 and it is difficult for us to find a bed he is comfortable in with a foot board. :-)

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Glad i stopped by...I love those bedrooms too. Your background is wonderful...I have scrapbook paper just like it. It's one of my fav's and have photocopied it so I never run out.
Love the froggy too.

miss gracies house said...

I love, love that second dreamy!
Very welcoming blog upu have here...

Chrissy said...

Well, white or not,its a lovely post and blog!! Glad I came by,Chrissy