Monday, November 9, 2009

Mosaic Monday and somethin else....

Today I joining Mosaic Monday over at at Litte Red House.
Here's my mosaic of some of my favorite things and some things that I wish I had...

Left to right upper left. I love this photo of this mud room. I miss my mudroom I found this in Country Living I think.

Left middle is a photo from my last house. This is actually our bedroom dresser but here it was used in the den because there wasn't room in the bedroom. It made a great sofa table too. I loved the way it looked here.

Right middle is a dream photo. This is what I want the old couch I am redoing to look like. It is dreamy.

Next I just love this red screen door. I want this on the door going from my living into my kitchen.

Bottom Just a dreamy fall photo. In the middle is the house where we live now. This was taken before we moved in.

Right middle is a photo of the fireplace in our old house. I miss the fireplace. I love the old mirror. And last is a photo I found on someones blog along time ago. If it is yours I give you credit now. I am very carefully not to copy photo's from blogs that ask you not to. But if I copy I usually forget where I got. I need to be more organized.

And for somethin else.....Ha you Company Girls thought I forgot. No way I am going after....

And I think Rachel Anne wants me to win because this is going to be so easy. Here's what we are supposed to do.

Today's Small Thing is to get rid of a pesky annoyance. While we try and figure out how to rid ourselves of our deranged, feathered stalker, you can tackle something infinitely more fun. How about: applying WD-40 to a squeaky hinge that's been bugging you for months now? Or removing tags from pillows you've had for a year? You could pull the blue painter's tape from July's paint project, or finally put on the drawer pulls that have been sitting there forever. Hang the picture that's leaning up against the wall, tighten a leaky faucet, super glue that plate back together.

I have a few pesky things I am off to work on and log 50 points! And a few mosaics to visit here

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