Friday, October 8, 2010

Did you say cake? No I said . . .

Cupcakes. Actually it was Amy that said cupcakes. And I am accepting her challenge.
I have pulled together my ingrediants . . .

Except for the secret ingredient that I am not sharing. Yet.
And I got . . .

a major tool. Isn't she pretty. (not actually mine but this was a pretty photo. I'll have to make one of my little cobalt blue girl). And I made a plan. And then. It happened.
Blogger decided to act up and not let me load the best of the photo's! I bet your thinking it is the photo of the finished product. Nope I have to tell you it isn't.
I'll show you later but let me tell you why no cupcakes yet.
I got a phone call from . . . (insert photo when blogger decides to cooperate)
my sweet grandbaby that is 2 and once I deciphered his words . "eat mexican food GiGi". The cupcake plan went awry. At least until after I eat lunch.
So come back because I know you want to see the finished product.
BTW I will be taking my lovely creations to a birthday party tomorrow. More on that later too.