Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I finally made a desperate phone call!

Well actually I really didn't call but back in the day I would have. I actually just got up the nerve and drove down to a cheap $10.00 haircut place that is actually $13.00 for a cut and blow drying started at $10.00. Yes I said started at $10.00 at one of those cheap places!
Now if I had a lovely 'up do' like the one photo'd or if mine would do that then I would not have resorted to desperate measures.
But alas it was desperate measures I had to take. The jury is still out on whether I like my hair or not.
Mainly because I had made a huge mess in the bathroom this morning trying to find some barette's or pins or something because my bangs just weren't cooperating today.
And btw I was in a rush and didn't clean up the mess I made. Which I forgot to mention included all the electrical devices I own trying to find something that would work.
But, I did get two compliments today on my hair so I guess it turned out o.k.
And then when I came home and finally checked the computer I saw that Rachel Anne suggested cleaning up, straightening out and sorting through all our hair stuff. And so even thought I made a huge mess this morning I get to get points for cleaning it up.
And I really do need to sort through all that stuff anyway and figure out what I need to keep. Don't need all those hair scrungies anymore because there won't be any pony tails here again!
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Denise said...

You are so precious.